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Three AU researchers to become Lundbeck Foundation fellows

Three researchers from Aarhus University will each receive DKK 10 million from the Lundbeck Foundation. Over the next five years, they will conduct research into areas such as microRNA, neurotransmitters in the brain, and chronic kidney disease.

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Photo: Jesper Rais

This article is based on press material from the Lundbeck Foundation

The Lundbeck Foundation has just appointed seven new fellows, who will each receive DKK 10 million. Three of the new fellows are from Aarhus University:

Postdoc Dan Bang and Assistant Professor Henricus Mutsaers from the Department of Clinical Medicine, Health.

Postdoc Xavier Bofill De Ros from the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, NAT.

The new fellows will be able to establish their own research groups at a Danish university hospital or a Danish university – and will also have five years to concentrate on a project within the field of health sciences.

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