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The WPA is coming up: Follow the process

Preparations for the upcoming workplace assessment (WPA) are in full swing around the university. And also at Health, where the local website, advisory group and timetable for the process are now ready.


At the beginning of the new year, we will again evaluate the working environment at AU. This time, employees must evaluate both the psychological and physical work environment in the same questionnaire during the period from 25 February to 13 March 2019.

The survey itself consists of the same questionnaire for the whole university. Each faculty has incorporated its own faculty-specific questions as part of the workplace assessment questionnaire. At Health the themes for the questions are cultural differences, language barriers and professional development. The themes have been proposed by the advisory group and approved by FAMU and FSU.

Experienced people closely monitoring the process

Professor Marianne Hokland from the Department of Biomedicine is vice-chair for Health's WPA advisory group, as she also was last time. Together with the other people in the WPA advisory group, she is ready to provide support throughout the process and has the task of coordinating and communicating the faculty’s process, so that employees, managers, the occupational health and safety organisation, the liaison committee organisation and AU HR are involved in the process in the best possible way.

Members of the WPA advisory group are:

Want to find out more?

You can read more about the upcoming workplace assessment on Health's new WPA website, where you will find lots of information including the timetable for the process, and in the articles "One overall WPA in 2019" and "A new and simpler workplace assessment in 2019".

If you have any questions about the WPA process at Health, you are welcome to contact Development Consultant Pernille Leth from HR. She is Health's occupational health and safety contact person and can be contacted by email at: pernille.leth@au.dk or by phone on: (+45) 2494 6289.