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The Skou award is a door opener to the foundations

The Jens Christian Skou Award is even more valuable than the honour and DKK 100,000 which follow with it. Former award winner Maiken Stilling explains how the award has eased her path to external research funding.

Each year, Health presents the Jens Christian Skou Award to a junior researcher who is among the international elite. A researcher who is extraordinarily talented within his or her field of research, and who is both creative and productive. Last year, the award went to Associate Professor and PhD Maiken Stilling from the Department of Clinical Medicine. She explains how the Jens Christian Skou Award has made a difference for both her and her research colleagues.

The Skou award generates publicity and makes it easier to access the foundations

“In many ways, the Skou award has increased the outside world’s level of interest in our work. We’ve been among the world leaders in our research field for quite a while, but the award has made our research more visible – both in the world of academia and in the media. And this is true both nationally and internationally,” says Maiken Stilling before continuing:

“The award has also opened more doors in terms of securing external funding for our research projects, and this is absolutely crucial so that we can continue the good development work. I’m still very proud and honoured that I received the award last year, not least because in my opinion it reflects on and recognises the success and development of the whole research group. Research is very much a team effort,” she says.

Department heads nominate candidates

Health’s five department heads are the only people who can nominate candidates for the Jens Christian Skou Award and each candidate must meet a range of criteria. For example, the award recipient must either be employed as a postdoc, assistant professor or associate professor at Health. Also, no more than ten years may have passed between he or she earning a PhD degree and receiving the award (any maternity leave or military service can be deducted). It is not possible to apply for the award.

The event is open to everyone

The presentation of this year’s Jens Christian Skou Award will take place at Aarhus University on Friday 4 October 2019 between 13:00 – 15:00 and is open to everyone. Registration is via AU’s webshop


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