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The Royal Danish Library online system will be temporarily unavailable

On 19 November 2019, the Royal Danish Library’s will launch a new IT system for users. Some online library services will be unavailable in the period leading up to the launch while the new system is implemented.

The new system will be a single point of access to all library services and resources that will be a simple, effective tool for students and researchers at AU. The new system will have a variety of new features. More information about this will be provided later.

Here is an overview of when the temporary shutdown of the different online library services will take place and what this will mean for you as a user.

1 October - 18 November:

  • Interlibrary loan (borrowing materials from other libraries) will be unavailable as of Tuesday 1 October. Naturally, this service will be available again when the new system comes online on 19 November. If you need to order materials of this kind before 19 November, you must do so before 1 October.
  • However, even after 1 October you will still be able to search for materials and access electronic resources in the current system until it is shut down on 14 November.

14 November – 18 November:

  • As of 18:00 on 14 November, it will no longer be possible to borrow, order, renew or turn in library material via the old system. The new system will become available on 19 November.

A note on the ‘Favourites’ function:

  • If you use the ‘Favourites’ function to save titles for later, we encourage you to save these titles elsewhere, as your current ‘Favourites’ list will not be transferred to the new system.

Access to the new system

  • All users will be given new user profiles with a new PIN code in the new system. More information will be provided later.

You can find more information and get updates on the status of the project here.