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The Regatta: Can you get to work as normal?

The annual Regatta will be held in the University Park on 3 May. This means congestion in the park and that there will be changes affecting some of the roads leading to the university and some of the car parking around the campus.

As usual, the holding of the Regatta means a number of security barriers will be set up in the area. Your way to work might therefore be more difficult than normal and you may also have to park somewhere else than normal. Signs are already in place in all the areas in question.

Security barriers

Bartholins Allé from building 1333 and south from the building will be cordoned off from 2 May at 18:00 until 4 May at 08:00. Similarly, Wilhelm Meyers Allé will be cordoned off at the intersection with Bartholins Allé during the same period. In addition, the car park at the eastern end of Wilhelm Meyers Allé will be cordoned off for private cars as it will instead be used as a drop-off and turning place for taxis. You can see all the cordoned off areas in the University Park on the map.


The vast majority of parking spaces around Health's buildings are available as normal. However, it is important that you only drive directly to and from your parking space, so you avoid driving around the park as far as possible.  Similarly, you may only park in the designated parking spaces.

The car parks adjacent to buildings 1160, 1163 and 1180 will be cordoned off on Friday and can therefore not be used. The same applies to the first of the public parking spaces on the road in front of the Bartholin building (1230) as these will instead be used by taxis.

Locked buildings

All of the buildings in the University Park will be locked throughout the day, and there will be security guards at the main entrances to ensure that only people with key cards get into the buildings – so remember your card. It will not be possible to use any of the other entrances on the day – only the main entrances will be accessible.

About The Regatta

The Regatta has existed since 1991. The event is organised and run by the students and features the student associations in a relay race in small boats on the lake in the University Park. It is held annually in late April or early May and attracts as many as 30,000 spectators. The Regatta is comparable to a one-day festival with food stands, bars and DJs. This year the masters of ceremonies will be the two cycling commentators Dennis Ritter and Rolf Sørensen.