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The numbers that matter at Health

A new website presents important key figures from the faculty and departments at Health. The website will serve as a common frame of reference for information about e.g. finances, students, employees and publications.

Where should you look if you want to find qualified information about the number of professors, the number of admissions to one of Health's study programmes, the number of inventions or a specific department’s success in attracting funding from foundations?

Until now, this information has been spread across several locations in the administration. But from now on the key figures will be collected in one place so they are only a click away. The Health in figures website is a resource site that gathers together a range of key data from the faculty and the departments at Health.

The purpose of the website is to ensure reliable management information and minimise the scope for sources of error. The wide-ranging data has been obtained from both the administration and the departments at Health before it is subsequently validated by the departments.

The faculty secretariat will update Health in figures at least once a year.