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The faculty is looking for Honorary Advisors from the private sector

Health wishes to form closer ties with business and industry and the faculty management team are therefore on the lookout for people with strong profiles from start-ups and the life science industry who can act as special advisors to the faculty. You can recommend candidates on an ongoing basis.

Here comes an appeal: Do you know someone – male or female – who by virtue of his or her insight into and affiliation with start-ups, the life science or medical industry in general, can contribute to the development of the faculty? Then please recommend that person so he or she can become an Honorary Advisor to the Faculty.

The appeal comes from the faculty management team at Health, and both the idea and the title are new. Over the coming three years, a number of advisors from the private sector will be involved in developing and qualifying the faculty’s business strategy.

“Many of our employees already have good relationships with managers of start-ups or people from the R&D departments of medicinal and pharmaceutical companies. The idea is to intensify the collaboration with these companies for the benefit of all parties,” explains Lise Wogensen Bach.

The advisers may well have widely varying competences, such as e.g. experience of company management, innovation, venture capital, insight into talent development or particular research interests. What is important is that the person in question has ambitions, visions and a genuine interest in collaborating with the university sector.

“This person must be able to bring perspective in areas beyond his or her own field of study and have a desire to make an impact on the collaboration with the world of education and research," says Lise Wogensen Bach, and emphasises that advisers from abroad are also very welcome.

The position of Honorary Advisor to the Faculty is unpaid. But in return, the advisers will have a chance to really get to know the university’s education and research environments, and the opportunity of direct cooperation with students and junior researchers while also helping tailor the faculty’s business strategy. The plan is also to invite the advisers to events, courses or projects where they can collaborate with both students and staff.

“When it comes to collaboration with business and industry at Health, we’ve got a lot of untapped potential. By collaborating with people from the private sector, we can strengthen knowledge-based innovation and entrepreneurship and that will benefit us at the university, our students and society in general," says Lise Wogensen Bach.

Read about the procedure for proposing candidates and see who can make recommendations:

Honorary Advisor to the Faculty (pdf)

While recommendations are accepted on an ongoing basis, if your proposal is received before Friday 24 May, it will be considered at Health's Business Forum on 18 June 2019.


Vice-Dean for Talent and External Relations Lise Wogensen Bach
Aarhus University, Health
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