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The faculty gets a new salary agreement catalogue

The salary agreement catalogue for employees at Health has been revised with the department-specific information and layout in particular receiving an overhaul.

Health's salary agreement catalogue is revised bi-annually. This time focus has primarily been on clarifications and compilations of specific sections for some of the departments at Health. This applies to positions at the Department of Clinical Medicine, the Department of Public Health and the Department of Odontology and Oral health.

The new salary agreement catalogue – which came into force on 1 April 2018 – also has an improved layout, making it easier for employees to navigate in. For example, the new layout enhances readability, since it is now possible to 'jump' to the relevant section directly from the table of contents, while specific sections have been included for the respective departments.

The salary agreement catalogue covers academic and administrative staff whose salary and terms of employment are regulated by collective agreements between the Ministry of Finance and the multi-union collective agreement for Organisations of Public Employees – Denmark (State) and the AC collective agreement.

The salary agreement catalogue came into force as of 1 April 2018 and is valid until 31 March 2020. 

About Health's salary agreement catalogue

Health introduced the first salary agreement catalogue for members of academic staff in 2013. Since then, the catalogue has been expanded to include technical and administrative staff, so that today the catalogue applies to the majority of employees at the faculty.

The purpose of a salary agreement catalogue is to ensure uniform and transparent pay formation for faculty employees. Pay formation has previously been inconsistent, which has led to both confusion and ambiguities. The salary agreement catalogue remedies this. 

How is the salary agreement catalogue produced in the first place?

Health's salary agreement catalogue is produced in cooperation between selected department heads, union representatives and representatives from HR. The representatives review the current catalogue and discuss all angles of any changes in plenum. In addition, department heads and union representatives inform HR of any wishes and proposals for changes on an ongoing basis.

Once all information has been compiled, discussed and assessed, HR draws up a draft of the coming salary agreement catalogue, which is then presented to the dean. The dean then gives HR the mandate to negotiate the final catalogue with the sparring group including the union representatives. 

You can read more about salaries, rules and the relevant Danish Acts regarding employment on Health's website. You can also find the salary agreement catalogue in both Danish and English here.