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Allan Flyvbjerg wishes the employess at Health a nice summer.

The Dean at Health, Allan Flyvbjerg.
The Dean at Health, Allan Flyvbjerg.

Dear all,

The first half of 2013 has been filled with exciting tasks, a lot of challenges and good experiences at the Faculty. 

We have achieved a lot. We have been appointed to host the National Center for Particle Therapy (NCPT) and have among other things signed agreements concerning establishment of a number of research centers, such as an EMBL node (DANDRITE), a center focusing at the connection between psychiatric and physical diseases (MEPRICA) and a center focusing at mental health among children. Further, we have initiated a new health care innovation effort (INNO-X Health Care) inspired from Bio-X at Stanford University.

Further I’m happy that we have attracted many additional external resources to the Faculty. This is important for our general growth and progress.

In addition, we have received a number of significant domestic and international prizes and acknowledgements. We are on our way with a new set of guidelines for a code of conduct within research integrity, and generally, we have increased the uptake of students on our wide range of health educations.

We have also had an internal focus. We have improved the focus at the inner life at the departments, and have among other things established department forums. In the beginning of this year, we received the results from the psychological workplace assessment, which impedes our processes in order to make a good psychical work environment even better. After a period with many and major changes, it is now time for consolidation.

Finally, we have formulated and initiated implementation of the new strategy. It has been a constructive process with dedicated involvement of both management teams and our many employees. We have made significant progress at Health, and I look forward to follow the future work in the second half of 2013.

Thank you very much for performing your best and for your contribution to our joint successes.

Yours sincerely and the best wishes for the summer!

Allan Flyvbjerg