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The AU Board praises AU’s educational development work

The achievements of 2017 and plans for 2018 were in focus last week, when the Aarhus University Board praised AU’s employees for their efforts in relation to educational and degree programme development.

The occasion was the publication of the annual education report, which describes both local and university-wide initiatives, including dual career advice for entrepreneurs, strengthened collaboration with upper secondary schools and the successful effort to ensure a minimum of 12 weekly lessons on all Bachelor’s degree programmes.

Last year, annual status reviews were performed on 191 degree programmes, and 50 completed the five-yearly degree programme assessment. The key figures in the report confirm that all degree programmes are firmly based on research, and that progress has been made in improving degree completion times.

Recruitment and reduction of drop-out rates will be top priorities in relation to educational and degree programme development in coming years. This includes not only recruitment and commencement of studies, but also the continued development of teaching and learning practices.

In addition, the roll-out of the digitisation and EDU IT initiatives will continue in 2018 – including the establishment of the EDU IT Hub – as well as the implementation of the government’s language strategy and the Career Ready project.