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Talent, mobility and interdisciplinarity will all count in the allocation of PhD scholarships

Emphasis has been placed on three strategically important focus areas for the allocation of full PhD scholarships in 2015. We raise the level of research and get better solutions when we focus on young talents, new angles from foreign PhD students and involving different disciplines, says Lise Wogensen, vice-dean for talent development.

In 2015, applicants will be closer to a fully financed PhD fellowship if they, in addition to having a convincing research project, are young talents, come from another country or have an interdisciplinary research project.

Head of Graduate School, Vice-Dean Lise Wogensen Bach believes that the new prioritisation can promote innovation and achieve better solutions for health-related challenges.

"Thinking outside the box happens when you meet people and come to see unfamiliar angles – that is when we make advances and new discoveries," says Lise Wogensen.

The principal distribution of the full scholarships has been made on the basis of discussions in the faculty management team. The scholarships will be advertised in connection with the annual call for proposals for enrolment during the course of 2015.

The distribution of full scholarships in 2015 is a consequence of the new fellowship structure which came into force in December. The objective of the new structure is to ensure that there is the opportunity to award full scholarships within strategically selected areas.

The three current strategic focus areas are:

  • Promotion of early recruitment of talented students in the form of grants for combined Master’s PhD programmes
  • Promotion of mobility on the basis of collaboration with foreign universities
  • Promotion of interdisciplinarity and innovation.

In 2015 there are four rounds that will offer a total of 30 scholarships:

First round: 5 Master's PhD scholarships
Second round: 10 scholarships to promote interdisciplinarity and innovation
Third round: 5 Master's PhD scholarships
Fourth round: 10 mobility scholarships

The number will be reduced if one or more of the already offered full scholarships are activated in connection with co-financing of large grants during the course of 2015.

In addition to the awarding of the full scholarships, approximately 130 1/3 scholarships are also being offered. The exact number of scholarships offered depends on the relevant budgetary framework. 

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