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Swedish expert knowledge to Aarhus University

Jens Sørensen has taken up a part-time position as professor at Aarhus University. He brings his knowledge within the fields of nuclear medicine and positron emission tomography, which he has acquired while working in Sweden for many years. His goal is to make the treatment of his patients better and faster.

Jens Sørensen was educated in Sweden and is based in Sweden at the Uppsala University Hospital. He has now been affiliated with Aarhus University on a part-time basis as professor in nuclear medicine and positron emission tomography (PET). PET is a technique whereby the medical doctor injects some trace elements into the patient in order to form a medical image of the patient.

“My research is in the use of PET for diagnosis and examining underlying, biological processes of various diseases, primarily heart disease and cancer. In addition to going in and interpreting the medical images, my research also covers the development of new tracer elements and image analysis and how they can be used together with other types of diagnostics,” explains Jens Sørensen.

Jens Sørensen's research can have significance for how quickly and accurately medical doctors are able to correctly diagnose and assess the impact of treatment. And this will mean better and faster treatment of patients in Aarhus. The aim is to be able to tailor a unique course of treatment for the individual patient.

Happy to be coming to Aarhus

Jens Sørensen is very happy to be working in Aarhus - and not only because of the professional aspect.

“Aarhus has a rare combination of enthusiastic employees, resources and progress, which makes it a breeze to be professor within my area. Plus I also have the opportunity to spend time with my Danish family more often, which just makes it even better,” says Jens Sørensen.

He has a medical degree from 1995 and a specialist certificate in Clinical Physiology from 2003 and Nuclear Medicine from 2004, both from Uppsala University in Sweden. In 2004 Jens Sørensen gained a higher doctoral degree in Medical Sciences from the same university.

He was born on 9 January, 1961 in Kølvrå in Central Jutland and will be holding his inaugural lecture on Friday 29 November, 2013. Read more about his inaugural lecture in the Health internal calendar.

Further information

Professor, medical doctor Jens Hesthaven Sørensen
Aarhus University, Department of Clinical Medicine - Clinical Physiology and Nuclear Medicine
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