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Summer Newsletter 97 June 2019

Dear all Please find the latest news:

The department gets a new external website

On July 10, we will replace our current external department website at biomed.au.dk with a new website in English. With the new website, we will direct our communication to external foundations, business partner and peers from Denmark and abroad, and this means, among other things, that the old research sites will be terminated and replaced by four new pages, which will present the department's research themes: 'Infection and inflammation', 'Membranes', 'Neuroscience' and 'Personalised medicine'. Up-to-date descriptions of the research will be available, and I would like to ask ALL researchers to insert a direct link on your PURE profiles to the research theme you are part of. Please also add a prose text (couple of lines) in English about your own research area on your PURE profile as it is the first thing that appears when your name is googled and thus functions as a kind of "business card". Not until after July 10 will it be possible to link to the new research websites. The link to the external front page will continue to be

http://biomed.au.dk/. Please find below a link to instructions on how to add links and extra text: http://auinstallation30.cs.au.dk/fileadmin/www.health.au.dk/Medarbejdere.health.au.dk/Kommunikation_og_web/Add_text_and_link_to_your_PURE-profile.pdf



The new Imaging Core Facility of the department has six functional advanced microscope systems now and two more to come. During these weeks, a new virtual slide-scanning system is installed for high-quality fluorescence and bright-field scanning. On the website of the core facility, you can find more information about the facility, equipment and online registration. http://imaging.au.dk/


Storeroom on the 5th Floor of the Skou building

The storeroom in Skou is coming into place. For the time being, purchases will take place by filling in the paper forms that are available on the desktop. After the summer holidays, we will begin an electronic registration of purchases. If an item, you need, is not in stock, please write to skouslager@biomed.au.dk.


Other conditions concerning the Skou building

We have endured high temperatures in the Skou building, which has resulted in the evacuation of the building three times. Specifically, the problem has been an incorrect setting of the autoclave sensors. In addition, it has been a problem that the odour from the animal facilities comes up into the building. The problem is being solved and efforts are still being made to adjust the ventilation system in order to ensure a pleasant temperature. Despite the odour, the air is harmless and filtered. Please remember to go to the printer room on your floor to collect your mail, please you can help your colleagues by bringing his/her mail to him/her.


Ole Frandsen resigns

Ole Frandsen has chosen to retire and leaves the Department at the end of July. Ole has played an important role for many people in the 28 years he has been employed, and the Department is grateful for the great efforts he has made.


The Bartholin building will be emptied

Thursday, July 4, 2019 at 10.15-12.00, it is possible to collect furniture and equipment left behind in the Bartholin building that can be used and placed in the new workplace. You are responsible for the actual move of furniture and small equipment. The move of larger items, if any, can be agreed with Building Services (conor@au.dk). As a rule, it is not possible to store the items. After July 4, the building is vacated. Furniture and equipment of any value are sold at an auction.


Recommendation of PhD projects with reference to international recruitment

As last year, the Department has had the opportunity to nominate four projects to the Graduate school, which will then invite PhD scholarships internationally. We received a total of 16 proposals for projects, and to selection was not easy. The decision on which projects were to be selected was made by the undersigned together with Thomas Vorup-Jensen, who is the research programme director of the department. The selection was made on the basis of the criteria announced and an overall assessment of the projects and the proposed supervisors. The proposals we sent forward had the following supervisors: Annemarie Brüel, Birgitte Mønster Christensen, Christian Vægter and Karthika Rajeeve. Last year (2018), the supervisors were: Helle Damkier, Karin Lykke-Hartman, Holger Brüggeman and Jens Leipziger. It has not been decided yet if it will be possible to grant PhD scholarships in this way in 2020.


News about academic positions

Last week, we held job interviews regarding the associate professor position broadly posted. We had 99 applicants and many talented candidates. We have decided to nominate five persons to be employed – three internal and two external candidates.


Application for the reimbursement of expenses

Due to the pressure of work due to the move, information about the deadline, June 1, for applying for funding for travel was not announced. Therefore, we will postpone the deadline to August 1 and as always, it is possible to apply again October 1. Read more about the terms and conditions here: http://biomed.medarbejdere.au.dk/en/finance-and-travel/travel/


New bronze relief in the Skou building

Thank you for your support of the new bronze relief last Tuesday. Eight informal reception pictures have been posted on LinkedIn, which you are welcome to share and spread – after all, it is a kind of branding of our department and of Skou as a role model and institution for that matter: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6549279908957421568


The management team is available the entire holiday

If you need to have documents signed, or if you have any questions, you can contact me at thomas@biomed.au.dk with CC to Jeannette Madsen at jepe@biomed.au.dk.


Minutes of the departmental forum’s the last meeting 20/4 can be read here



Minutes of the last FSU on 13/5 can be read here



I wish you all a wonderful and well-deserved summer holiday. I will see you in August – with your commitment, it will be just as excellent after the holidays as now.


Best regards

Thomas G. Jensen