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Students to get more influence in the educational reviews

The students will now have a seat at the table when the study programmes at Health hold the annual status reviews and the five-yearly degree programme evaluation.

The faculty management team has just adopted a proposal to expand the number of participants in the educational reviews to also include the vice-chair of the board of studies. This is being done following positive evaluations from two completed annual quality year cycles and following positive experiences with student representation at the university's other faculties.

It is expected that the students will be able to contribute to the discussion of the study programmes' quality and development, and that increased student involvement will also benefit student commitment to the subsequent action plans.

The participants in the meetings comprise the vice-dean for education, department head, director of studies (and degree programme director), head of studies administration, CESU (the degree programme's contact person) and now also the vice-chair of the board of studies.


Additional participants for the degree programmes under the board of studies for the health sciences will also include students from the degree programmes where the vice-chair is not a student. The board of studies for the health sciences comprises the Master’s degree programme in optometry and visual science, the Master’s degree programme in nursing, the Master’s degree programme in health science, and the professional Master's degree programme in clinical nursing.


Vice-dean for education Charlotte Ringsted
Health, Aarhus University
Mobile:  (+45) 93 50 82 22
Email: charlotte.ringsted@au.dk