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Strengthen your network with new interdisciplinary meetings at AIAS

A series of new interdisciplinary afternoon events have been scheduled in order to help researchers enlarge their networks and encourage debate on the academic culture across academic fields. All are welcome!

The Interdisciplinary research unit AIAS (Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies) and the newly established career development programme Junior Researcher Development Programme have organised a new series of afternoon events. Each session will feature a new theme concerning the academic culture across the university – for example gender balance in the world of research, Open Science and interdisciplinary collaborations.

The goal is to encourage debate on academic culture and, at the same time, give early career researchers in particular the opportunity to strengthen their networks at Aarhus University – across disciplines in general as well as with the international AIAS fellows.

The afternoon events are open to all and will all be organised in the same way: two AU researchers will give a short presentation on a specific topic from the academic world, after which there will be a debate and an opportunity to network. The events will take place from 15:00 to 17:00 at AIAS at the lower end of the University Park.

Five afternoon events have been planned for the rest of the year so far. The first one is is coming up soon, and will take place 9 May.

Planned events in 2018:

  • 9 May: Gender and Science
  • 6 June: Open Science
  • 18 June: Interdisciplinary Collaboration
  • Autumn: Science communication and networking through social media
  • Autumn: Allocation of research funding – concentration or diversity?

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