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Sport science student receives scholarship for research stay abroad

Jon Hagen Herskind is a dedicated student and a promising researcher. Now he will receive the HM Queen Margrethe II Travel Grant along with three other students from Aarhus University.

As a sport science student, Jon Hagen Herskind has stood out as a particular dedicated and talented student. He has shown great interest in participating actively in all teaching activities and in numerous research activities within the fields of “training and rehabilitation” and “muscle physiology”.

Jon Hagen Herskind has been admitted to the current research honours programme at Health, which is reserved for particularly talented students. And he has recently had his research project accepted as a 4+4 PhD programme so that he can continue on a PhD degree programme directly following his Master’s thesis.

His current research project on muscular fatigue has already resulted in a number of promising preliminary results. With the travel scholarship, he will have the opportunity to present his results in international academic environments and continue to build on his research in collaboration with research institutions abroad. Here he will be able to gain valuable experience relevant to the academic and methodological aspects of his research project.