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Skype for Business makes collaboration easier

You probably already know Skype – now AU offers Skype for Business to all employees.

By offering a complete communication platform which includes telephony, video calls, chat, screen sharing, document sharing etc, Skype for Business makes it easier to collaborate with internal as well as external partners. Skype for Business is also fully integrated with Outlook and Microsoft Office. Everything is available in one place and can be accessed from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Getting started

Whether you are used to using Skype, or you have never used it before, it is easy to start using Skype for Business. Skype for Business has been set up for all AU employees, so all you have to do is open Skype for Business on your PC or Mac. You can find Skype for Business under Programs or Apps, or by using the search functionality. You can also download the Skype for Business app to your tablet or smartphone.

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