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Research Seminars in Medicine, Epidemiology and Public Health

The seminar takes place on May 6th from 13:00 to 16:00 in William Scharff Auditoriet, Søauditorierne, Aarhus University

This is a new series of seminars, aimed primarily at PhD students, younger researchers and others with an interest in research methods in epidemiology and related subject areas. The inaugural seminar will take place on May 6th 2014 and the subject is:

Competing risks in epidemiology: possibilities and pitfalls

The lecturers are Professor Erik Parner (Aarhus University) and Professor Per Kragh Andersen (Copenhagen University). This is their introduction to the afternoon:

In studies of all-cause mortality, the fundamental epidemiological concepts of rate and risk are connected through a well-defined one-to-one relation. An important consequence of this relation is that regression models such as the proportional hazards model that are defined through the hazard (the rate) immediately dictate how the covariates relate to the survival function (the risk). In this seminar we will review the concepts of rate and risk and their one-to-one relation in all-cause mortality studies and introduce the analogous concepts of rate and risk in the context of competing risks, the cause-specific hazard and the cause-specific cumulative incidence function.

The organizing committee:

  • Cecilia Ramlau-Hansen
  • Peter Hjertholm
  • Henrik Støvring
  • Henrik Møller

For questions do not hesitate to write to Peter Hjertholm, Department of Public Health, Aarhus University