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Research program to improve the quality of Danish healthcare

A new research program is to improve the quality of health care through research. The program is called PROCRIN - Program for Clinical Research Infrastructure. It is financed by the Novo Nordisk Foundation and the Lundbeck Foundation, which have granted DKK 50 million for the program. Professor Henrik Toft Sørensen, head of Department of Clinical Epidemiology, will be the scientific manager of the program, while professor Lars Pedersen from Department of Clinical Epidemiology will be manager of one of five sub-programs.

PROCRIN will commence on January 1, 2015 and run for two years. The aim is to provide researchers and players within the health care system with better opportunities to collaborate on health data research, which in turn will benefit patients and build bridges between clinical practice and research.

PROCRIN will consist of five sub-programs, and the four clinical epidemiology sections at the university hospitals in Glostrup, Odense, Aalborg and Aarhus will be part of the program.