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Research into lung thrombosis receives support from the Laerdal Foundation

Medical Doctor and coming PhD student Mads Dam Lyhne from the Department of Clinical Medicine at Aarhus University receives NOK 250,000 towards research into thrombosis of the lungs.

A thrombosis or blood clot in the lungs is a life-threatening condition that requires immediate effective treatment. The urgency of the situation and the need to focus on saving lives makes it difficult to conduct research on patients and find the optimal treatment. A grant of a quarter of a million Norwegian kroner from the Norwegian Laerdal Foundation can help to change this. The recipient of the grant is Mads Dam Lyhne, medical doctor and from autumn 2017 also PhD student. Working together with medical doctor and PhD student Jacob Schultz, he will test different treatment options using pigs as experimental models. This model can reflect the acute condition in a realistic set-up. Mads Dam Lyhne will primarily study the best way to support the right ventricle of the heart, as this particular type of heart failure is what costs lives among these critically ill patients.

The research project will take place at the Department of Clinical Medicine and the Department of Cardiology, where Mads Dam Lyhne will begin his PhD degree programme.


Medical Doctor Mads Dam Lyhne
Aarhus University, Departement of Clinical Medicine
Email: mads.dam.vildbrad@gmail.com
Tel.: (+45) 2045 0486