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Research director joins AU as professor

Flemming Bro has been appointed to a professorship affiliated with the Department of Public Health, where he will carry out research into developing the quality of general practice.

On 1 February, Flemming Bro took up his professorship at the Department of Public Health at Aarhus University. As a general practitioner and professor, his work will come to provide a link between research and patients' daily meetings with the healthcare sector.

"During the coming years the healthcare sector will undergo a fundamental change. Taking general practice as a starting point, research into quality development must provide us with the knowledge to ensure that the necessary changes come to take place on the best possible foundation," says Flemming Bro, and continues:

"This can be done by gaining insight into how changes can best take place for the individual general practitioner, in the individual practice and in collaboration with the rest of the healthcare sector. Having your own general practitioner is the 'backbone' of the Danish healthcare sector and we need to understand how we can create the best framework for change in a sector that will be of increasing importance."

General practice is the point of entry into the healthcare sector for the patients. Flemming Bro's professorship therefore focuses on developing the quality of the meeting between the patient and his or her own general practitioner. The research intends to create coherence for the patient.

Aarhus University and the Research Unit for General Practice are behind the professorship.


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