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Recruitment procedure to be evaluated

Are the new recruitment procedures and guidelines at Health working? An evaluation will provide an answer in the course of the spring.

In March 2016, Health began using new procedures for the recruitment of employees. These procedures ae now to be evaluated. The original working group, which in its time was involved in the development of the new procedures, will act as coordinator of the process. In addition, each department has been asked for input to an overall assessment.

The principles of delegation, assessment and staff involvement, which form the basis of the recruitment procedures, are the set framework for the evaluation. This means that the evaluation will solely give rise to minor adjustments of the recruitment and appointment procedures and the guidelines, if there are examples of actual, specific and well-documented inexpediencies.

Different viewpoints will qualify the evaluation 

The evaluation will consist of local input from Health's departments in conjunction with one or more academic audits. The academic audits will, among other things, investigate whether the criteria ensure an objective, uniform and comprehensive assessment of applicants to academic positions. 

The evaluation process will be set in motion at the beginning of December. The departments must deliver their input to the working group at the beginning of March 2017.

The working group will provide a summary of the input from the departments and the academic audits to the faculty management team, who will then decide on any proposals for altering the procedures and for revising the guidelines. The audit includes changes to the existing guidelines and tools, translation into English, layout etc. This phase will continue until the summer holiday.

The faculty management team must also – on the basis of input from the working group – assess whether the faculty should employ shortlisting and decide on the best way of reusing assessments in practice.

Further information

HR Partner Manager Birgit Honore
Aarhus University, HE HR
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Email: bh@au.dk

What is shortlisting?

Shortlisting is a method for the selection of specific applicants for assessment – and thereby the deselection of other applicants – on the basis of specific criteria. The method requires a very precise job description, so that there is a qualified basis for deselecting some applicants instead of others already before the assessment work is begun.

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