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Record numbers of applications to Aarhus University

More than 10,300 applicants have selected Aarhus University as their first choice this year – the highest number ever. The total number of applicants has also increased and now stands at around 27,000. These are the preliminary key figures for Aarhus University applications.

Rector Brian Bech Nielsen is pleased to see the many applications to Aarhus University.

“It is a pleasure to see this year again that so many young people want to study at Aarhus University. I am particularly pleased that so many have selected us as their first choice. This is a sign that Aarhus University is offering an attractive selection of strong degree programmes and an excellent academic environment, and we should all be very pleased about this,” says Brian Bech Nielsen.

The final figures for last year showed that there were 26,753 applicants to Aarhus University, 9,833 of whom placed Aarhus University as their first choice.

Added on Monday, 9 July: See the final application figures for Aarhus University 

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