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Psychological WPA: The survey is closed

75 per cent of Aarhus University’s employees have completed the psychological WPA questionnaire. The results will be published on 19 May, after which the local follow-up processes will begin.

The first phase of the psychological WPA survey process is now concluded, and the total response rate is 75 per cent. The next phase involves the analysis of the responses and the presentation of the results in a series of reports: the main report, which contains the overall averages for the university as a whole, reports for each faculty and for the administration, as well as reports for the departments (Aarhus BSS, HE and ST)/schools (Arts), centres and administrative divisions.

All employees will receive a mail containing a link to the results, which will be published on the 2015-2016 psychological WPA website on 19 May.
After the results have been published, the local follow-up processes will begin. The follow-up process will centre on local dialogue meetings where you will have an opportunity to discuss and comment on the reports and contribute suggestions for improving your work environment. These processes will result in the development of local action plans that will be initiated.

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