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Professor Toomas Timpka Joing Advisory Board

RUNSAFE is happy to present and warmly welcome professor Toomas Timpka as member of the RUNSAFE advisory board. We look forward to strengthen the collaboration with Toomas and to seek scientific endeavours in the near future.

Who is Toomas Timpka? Toomas Timpka is professor at Medical and Health Sciences (IMH), Division of Community Medicine, Linkjöping University, Sweden. Within running-related injury research, Toomas is a recognized scientist with many outstanding publications, for instance, the article entitled "What is a sports injury?" published in Sports Medicine and an article on "injury and illness definitions for track and field athletes" published in British Journal of Sports Medicine. According to Scopus database, Toomas has more than 230 publications and a H-index above 20. In particular, Toomas and his collegues have completed significant research amongst elite athletes competing in IAAF championships.

What is the RUNSAFE advisory board? The RUNSAFE advisory board consists of non-danish researchers at senior level, familiar with running-related injury research. Their task is to guide the board of directors in RUNSAFE regarding research strategies and international funding opportunities. In addition, the idea is to strengthen the possibility for student exchange, knowledge-sharing and joint publications.

Advisory board members: Currently, two researchers have accepted to join the RUNSAFE advisory board. Professor Daniel Theisen, Luxembourg Institute of Health
Professor Toomas Timpka, Linkjöping University, Sweden