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Professor Mark Daly to receive honorary doctorate from AU

Mark Daly from the University of Helsinki is an important collaboration partner for a number of researchers at Health. He will be named honorary doctor in connection with Aarhus University's annual celebration in September.

Mark Daly is a pioneer in the field of human genetics. He is among the most cited researchers in his field and also among the top one hundred most cited researchers ever. In 2017 he was elected to the National Academy of Medicine in the United States. He has helped to develop the genetic model that made it possible to map out the human genome’s haplotype structure, which was an important step in the early stages of the global collaboration to map the human genome. He has also developed statistic methods to identify connections between genes and diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease, autism and schizophrenia.

Mark Daly is an important collaborative partner in the national iPSYCH project on integrative psychiatric research, which is part of the Department of Biomedicine at Health, Aarhus University. He has been one of the driving forces behind iPSYCH's results, in particular in connection with the genetic studies that have been carried out in the group. Mark Daly and his team have been deeply involved in the project’s research and are responsible for a large proportion of the enormous amount of genetic data it has generated.

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