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Professor Lars Bo Nielsen selected as new dean of the Faculty of Health at Aarhus University

On 1 April, Professor Lars Bo Nielsen, DMSc, will take up the position of Dean at Health at Aarhus University. He comes from a position as head of the Department of Clinical Medicine at the Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen.

Extensive managerial experience and a solid research background are some of the reasons 52-year-old Lars Bo Nielsen, consultant and professor, has been selected as new dean of the Faculty of Health at Aarhus University. 

The new dean was appointed by a unanimous appointment committee headed by Rector Brian Bech Nielsen.

To fill the position, the university sought a highly respected researcher with extensive managerial experience who will be able to drive the continued development of the faculty, with a strong emphasis on research, academic excellence and a positive work and study environment.

“Lars Bo Nielsen was the right choice on account of his open mind and many years of managerial experience in research and administration, in addition to his strong national and international network in research and the healthcare sector. I am certain that Lars Bo has the right approach and the right qualifications to succeed in meeting our high expectations of the new dean,” states Rector Bech Nielsen.

Lars Bo Nielsen earned his medical degree from the University of Copenhagen in 1992. He became a specialist in clinical biochemistry in 2004, and professor at the University of Copenhagen in 2007. Over the course of almost two decades, he has developed a strong reputation in the field of cholesterol and arteriosclerosis research. After serving as head of the Department of Clinical Biochemistry at Rigshospitalet, Lars Bo Nielsen took up the position as head of the Department of Clinical Medicine at the University of Copenhagen. The department was the result of a recent merger between five health sciences departments.

Lars Bo Nielsen believes that his clinical experience and familiarity with the day-to-day work of both researchers and the hospitals gives him valuable insights that he can draw on in his work as a manager:

“My background as a biomedical researcher, and in recent years as head of the Department of Clinical Medicine, have taught me how important it is for management at a university to create optimal conditions and opportunities for development and innovation,” says Lars Bo Nielsen.

He highlights Aarhus University’s strategic development and strong healthcare sector partnerships as particular motivational factors in his new position:  

“Together with employees and external partners, I am looking forward to contributing to the continued development of a fantastic university which is a strong academic co-player in the development of the healthcare sector, both nationally and internationally.”

Lars Bo Nielsen will take up the position on 1 April and will replace vice-dean Ole Steen Nielsen, who has served as acting dean since Allan Flyvbjerg’s resignation on 1 October.


Short CV of Lars Bo Nielsen (in Danish).


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