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Prioritised IT projects in 2016

On the background of an analysis of the university’s IT needs, a number of IT projects have been assigned top priority in 2016. Among the prioritised projects are the e-learning platform BlackBoard and Tjek&Go, which will simplify a number of administrative work processes connected with new hires and resignations.

In 2016, AU will prioritise IT projects that either support the university’s educational activities or contribute to rationalising administrative work processes. This is the conclusion of the analysis of the university’s IT projects recently completed by the administration’s management team, LEA. The following IT projects have been assigned high priority in 2016:


  • Blackboard: The university-wide e-learning platform. Read more
  • Educational Designer: AU’s course catalogue. Read more
  • New course and exam administration system: To replace Syllabus, Onkel and Untis.
  • Tjek&Go: Simplification of administrative work processes in connection with hires and resignations.
  • Captia: New user interface for AU’s record-keeping system.
  • RejsUd2: To replace AURUS.
  • Purchasing and delivery of IT equipment: Streamlining the process of purchasing IT equipment by AU IT and employees.

The projects have been prioritised on the background of an analysis of the university’s IT needs carried out by AU IT in autumn 2015. Subsequently, AU IT and the deputy directors and other key stakeholders examined the expected effect of the individual IT projects and analysed the consequences of not implementing each project. AU IT then developed a proposal regarding the prioritisation of projects in 2016, which LEA has just approved.

Prioritisation of IT projects at AU

Every year, AU receives numerous proposals for IT projects from the entire university – many more proposals than AU IT is able to realise. This is why it is important to prioritise the projects so that resources go to the projects that benefit the university most. AU IT and LEA will work closely together to prioritise the university’s IT projects.

This will contribute to ensuring that projects are carried out according to the agreed deadline, price and quality. LEA will receive quarterly status reports on the projects, and will reevaluate the prioritisation of all projects in August each year.

Inquiries regarding new initiatives, projects, advice on starting a project or information on whether AU IT can provide system support or the like can be sent to portefolje.it@au.dk

A buffer for new initiatives

LEA has established a so-called buffer to provide resources for new initiatives in the course of the year. The buffer is extra capacity which either is not allocated or which is allocated to tasks that can be downgraded or postponed without negative impact on IT operations on the short term or on the projects that have already been prioritised. The buffer can also come into play if the prioritised projects turn out to be larger than expected or develop problems that require extra resources.