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PhD honoured for her communication skills

Eva Greibe from Health has just been informed that she is one of the winners of Information’s PhD Cup 2014. The PhD Cup is a competition that revolves around communicating new Danish research to the general public.

Communicate your research and make it understandable. That is the criterion for participating in the PhD Cup. And Eva Greibe has been so convincing that she is now one of the eight winners of the competition, which is a collabortion between the Danish newspaper Information, the Lundbeck Foundation, Universities Denmark and the Danish broadcaster DR.

According to jury member Anja Andersen, who is herself a researcher in astrophysics, selecting the winners was a difficult task. Those who won were exceptionally good at communicating what they did and explaining things using images that were particularly interesting.

Postdoc Eva Greibe defended here PhD dissertation in November 2013. Her dissertation showed that the level of vitamin B12 in breast milk fell in the months following birth and that once the child reached the age of four months, there was insufficient vitamin to cover its needs.

"Research first becomes knowledge once it is communicated to the general public. Research that is hidden away in a drawer does not benefit anyone," says Eva Greibe, and emphasises that it is also a challenging task to communicate complex health science.

"It is a difficult task to explain something complicated so everyone can understand it. When I need to communicate to a broader audience, I try to cut down on the use of specialist terms, use examples from everyday life and make use of imagery," she says.

It is not the first time that Eva Greibe has been honoured for her research. In 2013 her PhD was one of the three projects that were awarded the prestigious Fogh Nielsen Prize, which is awarded every year at Aarhus University’s PhD Day.

Eva Greibe and the seven other winners of this year's PhD Cup will receive their awards at a show in the DR Koncerthuset on Sunday 25 May. The show is scheduled for broadcast on the television channel DR2 on 9 June.

Read more about Eva Greibes research results here.

Find out more about Information’s PhD Cup on Information’s website.

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