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PhD Cast - unfold your thesis in 15 minutes

PhD Cast is a 15 minute podcast where the listener gets to know the PhD student and his/her research through an exciting listening experience. The PhD Cast project is based at LYDPOL, Copenhagen.

PhD Cast is a mix of a TED TALK and the american podcast RadioLab.

The purpose of the PhD Cast is to recruit new students for PhD programmes, to help PhD students convey their research, and to make it clear to (Danish) citizens why research is relevant.

In the 15 minute podcast the research is put into a dramatic form and specific scenes are depicted. The listener will be guessing how the podcast ends, and by the end feel like telling an anecdote from the podcast to a friend. The nerdy and meticulous is contextualized to make it clear why the research is relevant.

Sound design and interview style
The podcast is recorded as if sitting in a living room with the PhD student, drinking a cup of coffee, rather than sitting in a lecture hall. Repetitions and uh’s are edited out, and the tempo variates in order to make the podcast lively and dynamic. The scientific elements are complemented by musical textures to create a sensual experience - a virus, e.g., can have its own motif, a little melodi. The podcast has theme music - that plays at the beginning and end.

PhD Cast can be downloaded and streamed through iTunes on smartphones, tablets and computers. 

Examples and budget
Find four examples of PhD podcasts and a budget overview.
Please note that the Graduate School of Health does not offer financial support of any kind.

If you have any questions to the project, please contact Anne Clement from LYDPOL (info@lydpol.dk) or read more at www.lydpol.dk (in Danish only).