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Newsletter no. 82 February 2018

Dear all please find the latest news.

Status of the movement plans

Thank you for the hearing responses received. The management team is working on revising the plans, which will come out in a new consultation round. Once planned, they will be followed by new planning meetings for the groups to share facilities (those where there are changes to the original plans).


Seven norms for recruiting permanent employees

See more here:


The norms include that all positions should be broadly formulated, that search committees are used, and that emphasis is placed on long-term stays at foreign and internationally recognized research institutions.


Applications for exemption from bachelor assignment guidance should be directed to Helle Prætorius Øhrwald

Last semester there have been a number of requests of exemption assupervisor for the bachelor reports directly to the bachelor program leaders. These program leaders receive a list of supervisors for bachelor students each semester, and they therefore expect everyone on the list to be available as supervisors. It must therefore be emphasized that exemption from the guidance of bachelor students requires an agreement with the departmental management. It is possible to send a motivated application for exemption from guidance to Deputy Head of Department for Education Helle Prætorius Øhrwald (hp@biomed.au.dk). The application can be motivated by a large number of teaching hours or other special educational tasks. The exemption is not permanent, but will apply to the period when you undertake other tasks.


Job practice and subsidied positions

The department has a good relationship with the Job Centers about job practices and subsidized positions. If a group wishes to hear more about the arrangements and opportunities, please contact Anni Mandrup Høeg at annimh@biomed.au.dk Specifically, the department has an application for a business practice - possibly followed by a subsitised job from a laboratory technician. Interested can contact Anni and get the person's CV and application.


Regarding the pregnancy policy

In connection with the new pregnancy policy, http://health.medarbejdere.au.dk/en/staff-conditions/work-environment/policy-for-pregnancy/, prepared by the Faculty's Working Environment Organization, our local Working Environment organization wishes to pay special attention to the accompanying checklist for pregnant and breastfeeding. Here the work of the pregnant woman is examined for possible conditions that could pose a risk to the pregnant, the fetus and the nursing children. It is the closest leader who is in charge of the assessment and organization of the work. It is recommended to contact the local working environment representative.


Deadlines for research applications

The Department’s fundraiser André Walter has made a calendar that gives a good overview of deadlines for different funds. See it and print it here: Link to year wheel


Elections to the Department forum

Elections to the Department of Biomedicine will be held on 16. and 17. May. Read more about how to set up and schedule here: http://biomed.medarbejdere.au.dk/valg-til-institutforum-2018/


Two meetings about innovation


"Research and Intellectual Property Protection"

6th March 14: 00-16: 00

A two hours interactive teaching session by Patent Attorney Susanne Høiberg, Høiberg



"Is my research a potential medical device?"

25th April 15: 00-16: 30

By Lea Hokland, Medidee



Ragna Rask Nielsen Research Fund

The Foundation supports (1) scientific basic research of all kinds (2) Cell Biological Basic Research, especially in relation to leukemia and cancer research. Please note that applications from graduate and PhD students will not be met. Up to DKK 40,000 for research stays at other research institutions can be applied. For further information: www.royalacademy.dk

Good opportunities for Danish students at Stanford



Minutes of LSU on January 8th

Will be available here on March 1.


Minutes of the Department Forum on 10 January



Minutes of the Faculty Collaboration committee (FSU) held on February 5, 2018



Yours sincerely


Thomas G. Jensen