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Newsletter 98 from August 2019

Dear all Welcome back from a well-deserved and hopefully good summer holiday. I hope that you are ready to address the exciting tasks of the autumn. My impression is that the department radiates dedication and a high level of professional activity, and that is simply great.

Time for Staff Development Dialogue (SDD)

AU's annual cycle for SDD will take place in September – November. It is important that you prioritize the dialogue. The SDD can be summoned and registered via AUHRA. However, the most important thing is that everyone has the dialogues.   

Apply to the Danish Council for Independent Research, FSS - application deadline 1 October

This time, it is particularly important to apply for funding from the Danish Council for Independent Research, FSS. It has turned out that this part of the Research Council has a higher success rate (24%) than other parts of the Council, and the number of resources allocated to the various parts of the Research Council system depends, among other things, on the number/size of applications.

News about academic positions

Last week, we held job interviews regarding the professor position broadly advertised. We had 92 applicants and many talented candidates. We have decided to nominate two persons to be employed – one internal and one external candidate.

Last chance to sign up for the Medical Innovation Day

Medical Innovation Day is September 27 and is the day where PhD-students and researchers on all levels have a chance to present ideas and scientific findings to the representatives of the pharmaceutical industry. It all takes place under the headline “Innovative Ideas” and deadline for sign up has just moved from September 1 to 15 – as the number of sign-ups are very low at the moment. Read more here on the event website and sign up via this link.

For all researchers: Link to your research theme from Pure

We have a new, impressive English-language website that presents our four research themes. In order for the pages to be used, you must link to the theme you are part of from your Pure profile. Evidence shows that Pure in most cases is the entrance to both you and the department. It only takes a few minutes. Below the link to instructions on how to add links and extra text follows: http://auinstallation30.cs.au.dk/fileadmin/www.health.au.dk/Medarbejdere.health.au.dk/Kommunikation_og_web/Saet_tekst_og_link_paa_din_PURE-profil.pdf

LinkedIn Campaign for the Department

We are in the process of spreading awareness of the department in a network-based campaign on LinkedIn. So far, there are notices with Anders Børglum, Jane Hvarregaard Christensen, Ulf Simonsen and Ebbe Bødtkjer – and more will follow in the coming month. In order for the network campaign to work, the notices must be posted in the academic networks. For this reason, it is important that you give a like or a comment to the notices. LinkedIn will then make sure that the notice is displayed to your contacts.

Do you have a research co-operation with Kings College in London?

The faculty is working on boosting the collaboration with King’s College and asks who already has cooperative relations. You are welcome to contact Thomas G. Jensen with information or additional questions. 

Do you have research co-operation with Israel? 

In addition, the faculty is considering boosting the research collaboration with Israel and asks who already has cooperative relations. You are welcome to contact Thomas G. Jensen with information or additional questions. 

Access to new IPA software

The department co-finances IPA software for pathway analysis. More information will follow. 

The storeroom on the 5th floor of Skou 

We are still working hard to get the storeroom up and running on the 5th floor of the Skou Building. In order to make the selection range as good as possible, we would like to establish a user group to help select the items that are to be available in the storeroom. If you would like to contribute to making the warehouse better, please write to pless@biomed.au.dk.

New movie about emergency response at AU

Get a clear insight into AU's emergency response concept and hear about, for example, the role of the teacher in an evacuation situation. See the film here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P69951g_FmU&feature=youtu.be

Christmas party on 6 December 

The departmental Christmas party will take place Friday, 6 December 2019, in Stakladen. More information will follow. 

Remember to settle credit card transactions 

After 20 September 2019, your pay will automatically be deducted credit card transactions that are more than 90 days old, so remember to settle them. 

Invoices must be directed to AU   

To be eligible for the VAT return, an invoice must be sent to AU and not to a private individual. Please be aware of this, e.g. when you travel in Denmark and receive an invoice from the hotel.

Minutes from the most recent LSU 3 June is available here


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Best regards


Thomas G. Jensen