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Newsletter 95 April 2019

Dear all Here are the latest news:

Please remember to attend the dialogue meetings on the psychological WPA

As a follow-up on our psychological WPA, the WPA advisory group will organise a number of house meetings during the month of May which I would like to ask you to prioritise. As you can read in the email that Ulla Als sent (29 April), the meetings will be distributed according to your workplace before the Skou building was taken into use. All meetings will take place in the canteen of the Skou building, and I would like to point out when you are very welcome to attend:

Employees in the Bartholin building, as well as those who have moved from Bartholin to Skou, etc.: Wednesday 22 May at 10:30-12.00

Employees in West, i.e. employees in the 1160, 1170 and 1180 complexes (formerly physiology, biochemistry and biophysics), as well as those who have moved to Skou from West: Friday 24 May at 12.00-13:30

Employees in the 1130 complex (former anatomy): Tuesday 28 May at 13.00-14.30

If you have any special experiences or issues you wish to discuss, please write to Ulla Als, uva@biomed.au.dk, in advance. The department's WPA report can be downloaded here:



New photos for the websites and for Pure

The department is in the process of developing new external websites for the four research themes, and in this connection, all research group leaders are presented in overviews that draw their information from business cards in Pure. This has made it clear that many colleagues need to have a new, age-appropriate and/or professional photo taken for the Pure profile. I would like to encourage you to do so, as we know that both peers, funds and the business community access our research pages (just as they google your individual Pure profiles). 

The photography is free of charge and takes place in the following way: you show up at AU photographer Lars Kruse’s premises on the first Tuesday of the month – the earliest option is on Tuesday 7 May – in the periods of time 10-12 or 13-14. Booking an appointment is not necessary. The photographing takes place in the Information Centre's building 1448 room 3.34. Use the main entrance and take the stairs/elevator to the 3rd Floor. When you have the photo sent to you, you must upload it to Pure – the guidelines are available here: medarbejdere.au.dk/en/pure/help/profile-and-homepage/

If you want a sneak peek at the new websites, check out the new website of Infection and Inflammation at: 


If you click 'All research leaders', you will find out what the business card display contains:




On Friday 3 May, the annual regatta will take place in the University Park. As usual, this leads to a lot of hustle in the park. The first roadblocks will be set up on Tuesday, and car traffic in the park will be extremely limited on Friday. However, there will be access to the parking spaces by the Bartholin building, the Skou building and at the building complex in West. Permanent security staff has been booked for our buildings, and they will demand to see your access card, so remember to bring it. If you experience any problems, please contact the security staff or call our technical manager Conor Leerhøy at 2899 2241. Please pay special attention to whom you are letting into the buildings on Friday.


News from Imaging Core 

As announced in the last newsletter, we are in the process of establishing a new core facility for imaging at the faculty. The microscopes are now ready for use and we are looking forward to getting started. A website and a booking system are being prepared and more information will follow later. Researchers, who want to get started quickly, are more than welcome to contact Christian Garm (christian.garm@biomed.au.dk) for more information on access and use.


Wardrobes in the Skou building

The number of wardrobes in the Skou building has been extended with new lockers in the dressing room. All lockers work by locking the cupboard and entering a four-digit code. The code is used again when the cabinet is to be unlocked. For the sake of capacity, it is not possible to have your own locker, and you must therefore empty your locker every day.


Private parcels must not be sent to the department

We are receiving more and more private parcels, most recently among other things: a bicycle. Private parcels are putting a lot of strain on our office aid, as she must receive the parcel, inform the recipient and sometimes deliver the parcel, if necessary. For this reason, we would like to ask that you do not have private mail sent to the department's address. 


Access to the Skou building

In the Skou building, it can be observed sometimes that people with no access cards are entering together with employees. Please check that people who are following you into the building are also employees at the department. Guests must wait outside until their host collects them. This week, new key lanyards will arrive which will make it easier to identify who has access, and guests can use the screen at the entrance to announce their arrival.

Transfer of GMO projects

Please remember to transfer any GMO projects to your new lab numbers when moving to the Skou Building. See: http://biomed.medarbejdere.au.dk/flytning/??

Student-Encounter Day at Biomedicine

On 16 May from 3 to 6 pm, we will repeat the success of last year with a student-encounter day, where you will have the opportunity to present your research projects to the students. The student-encounter day will consist of two parts. The first hour from 3 to 4 pm, The Society for Medical Student Research will provide oral presentations regarding the practical issues of research. This will take place in the Store Anatomisk Auditorium. Then, from 4 to 6 pm, the students will be able to read and discuss the projects with potential supervisors. The projects will also be available on the website: studerende.au.dk/studier/fagportaler/medicin/undervisningogeksamen/studenterprojekter-ved-institut-for-biomedicin/

Register your projects/posters by sending a mail to Marianne Rasmussen (mr@biomed.au.dk) no later than 9 May (1 poster per group). Bring the posters on the day, and if you are not able to do the presentation yourself, perhaps a student can?


News about academic positions

Tenure track position: In addition to Ina Schiessl and Karthika Rajeeve, Tue Kragstrup is also appointed. Tue is employed in a 50% shared position.


Minutes of the meeting of the departmental liaison committee LSU on 7/3 can be read here



Minutes of the meeting of the department's local work environment committee on 13/3 can be read here



Kind Regards,

Thomas G. Jensen