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Newsletter 93 February 2019

Dear all This is the second newsletter of 2019

Six more years as department head

I am pleased and grateful to be able to continue as department head, and as you can read below, there will be changes in the future: http://biomed.au.dk/#news-15019


Rector visits Biomedicine on 21/3

Rector Brian Bech Nielsen visits the Department on Thursday 21 March at 11:30. At the meeting, he will give a brief presentation that will form the basis for a dialogue on the development of the department and the university. The meeting will take place in the Small Anatomy Auditorium 1231-424.


Moving plans

Next week, from Monday, 4 March, the relocations to the Skou building start. Among others, I will be moving.


Wear your access card visibly

From 4 March, all must carry a visible access card. This applies to all the buildings of the Department. Lanyards and cardholders are available in the secretariats. Guests in the Skou building must be registered and wear an access card, which will be printed at the entrance. Employee lanyards are light blue and visitor lanyards are pink. By wearing your access card visibly, you help to increase safety and security.



Smoking is prohibited anywhere inside and outside the Skou building. Smokers are referred to the public areas of the University Park.


Coffee machines in the Skou building

The coffee machines in the Skou building’s canteen are now up and running and you are welcome to stop by and taste the different varieties of coffee or chocolate. The coffee machines in the coffee rooms on each floor are put into operation as the move-in progresses.


Name and addresses on invoices

We still receive many invoices that have the old department names and without the name of a contact person. It will be a great help for those who distribute the invoices that the Department names are changed to Biomedicine, and the name of a contact person is applied to the invoice.


Requests for rooms for regular meetings in the Skou building

We will attempt to allocate meeting times for recurring meetings in, for example, the research groups in the most appropriate way. If you want a specific meeting time, please send an email to pless@biomed.au.dk by 15 March. This also applies if you have not moved into the Skou building yet. Please state in the email what the topic of the meeting is, who is responsible, how many participants there must be room for, how often the meeting is repeated (for example, week, month, year) and what time of day you prefer. If possible, please state several possible times of day. Until we have a plan for recurring meetings, you cannot book meetings with repetitions in your Outlook calendar.


News from the Junior Researcher Development Programme for young researchers

Career development options, career tracks and more can be found on the new website: 


There is a new free course with registration deadline: 25 March: Understanding Organizations in Theory and Practice. 3-day course in Understanding Organisations - in Theory and Practice. 25-26 April & 29 May 2019


All young researchers, who have not yet participated, are also encouraged to register for the workshop 'Introduction to Strategic Career Planning'. The next workshop will take place on 16 May.

Access to employee parking at DNU in Skejby 

The department buys parking cards that can be borrowed from the department's secretariat.


Beware of false journals

Humbug publishers have surprisingly great success in luring researchers to publish their research in false journals without quality control and peer review and have scammed thousands of researchers, including more than 100 Danes. The largest publisher of fake journals is OMICS International. The Publisher has base in India and publishes more than 700 journals. If you are in doubt, please contact the Faculty's library.


Mobility scholarships

If you are considering a stay at a foreign research institution, now is the time for you to strike as 1 June is the absolute deadline for applying for the so-called mobility grants - moreover, it is the very last time, as the funds will cease to exist after 2019. You can apply for up to DKK 200,000, and the scholarships are for researchers of at least associate professor level. Find more information here: http://health.medarbejdere.au.dk/#news-14961


Registration of articles in PURE

March 1st 2019 is the deadline for the validation of publications registered in 2018. Therefore, please check PURE or your personal AU page: Are all publications registered? Is the indication of peer review in each publication stated correctly?


Lecture by George Church from Harvard

Tuesday 12. marts at 2:30 PM George Church will give at talk: Reading and editing genomes and biosystems. George Church is the inventor of methods for sequencing and has contributed to the CRISPR technology. The talk will take place in the Bartholin Auditorium, and all are welcome.  

News from the Academic Council

Minutes of the meeting on 7/2 can be read here:



Best regards

Thomas G. Jensen