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Newsletter 91 from December 2018

Dear all It is Christmas time again, and in the management team, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent work in 2018. Especially as there is a lot to be pleased about. Our research and education are at an impressive level which we will strengthen further by rethinking the research environments - read more below. And next year, an abundance of new, exciting projects await - including taking the Skou building into use. Thank you for your patience in connection with the repeated announcements of postponement - there is little we can do about it as the building must be ready when we take it over. We wish you a happy holiday and a prosperous 2019.

Organisational change

Please see the mail from dec. 21 and read more on the subject in the article below that explicates Søren Paludan's and my arguments to strengthen research with four general research themes. The aim is greater visibility to the outside world and better affiliation internally. http://biomed.medarbejdere.au.dk/en/#news-14628


Theft from cars and offices

Unfortunate, the problem of theft from parked cars has not lessened. All staff members are encouraged to empty their parked cars for valuables. If you see anything suspicious, you can call the University’s security company on + 45 8715 1617 or the police. Due to a  violent episode after an employee confronted a suspect in the university park, we encourage all not to confront suspects but to call the above number. In order to stop the thefts, we have asked the security company to increase patrols around our buildings for a period of time. In a few cases of theft in the buildings, it appears that the persons have entered the building by following staff members inside. Therefore, please have in mind that it is important that you question persons following you into the building, if you do not know them.


News about academic positions

There were 99 applications to the associate professorship position that was advertised widely in Biomedicine. Applications will now be assessed. Shortlisting will be used. 


Postdoc opportunities at Stanford

The Novo Nordisk Foundation supports postdoctoral stays at Stanford for candidates who have received their PhD max five years ago. Application deadline: 11 February 2019 For details, please visit



Travel grants for students

In connection with the annual celebration, four winners will be awarded with a grant of DKK 25,000 from 'Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II's Award - a travel scholarship for students at Aarhus University". The candidates for the award must be students at either Bachelor or Master's degree level. The deadline for submitting proposals to me is 4 January.


PhD awards

Aarhus University Research Foundation is awarding five awards of DKK 50,000. Those taken into consideration are PhDs who received their PhD degree in 2018, and PhDs who submitted their PhD thesis in 2018 and will receive the degree no later than 1 February 2019. Motivated proposals should include: Name, contact information, enrolment date, date of receiving the PhD degree, relevant activities (possibly with reference to the enclosed CV), references to the student's published or accepted articles, presentations at international conferences (title and form), other; including stays at foreign research institutions as well as an evaluation of the student's PhD studies. Proposals must be maximum 5 A4 pages, including CV, list of publications, etc. and in a single PDF file. Proposals from the Department are to be sent to me no later than 4 January.


The Novo Nordisk Foundation's many deadlines in January

Postdoctoral Fellowship for Research Abroad – Endocrinology and Metabolism  08/01

Excellence Emerging Investigator Endocrinology and Metabolism - Nordic Region 08/01

Ascending & Distinguished Investigator Endocrinology and Metabolism-Nordic Region 08/01

Hallas-Møller Emerging & Ascending investigator Bioscience and Biomedicine Basic 09/01

Distinguished Investigator - Bioscience and Basic Biomedicine 09/01

Clinical investigator grants (Emerging, Ascending & Distinguished) 10/01

Tandem Programme – Translational research collaboration 15/01


Better NNF applications
Speaking of NNF, I would like to draw your attention to an article with several thought-provoking recommendations for Health researchers from Niels-Henrik von Holstein Rathlou, who heads the Novo Nordisk Foundation's department for research and innovation funding. He points out that means such as 'Tandem' and 'Synergy' is as customized for us at Biomedicine, but he also points out that we can become better at writing this type of applications. Please read his advice below: http://biomed.medarbejdere.au.dk/en/#news-14573


Lundbeck professorships 

The Lundbeck Foundation seeks internationally recognized researchers at professor level to a new type of research grant. Applicants must demonstrate excellent research in neuroscience in the broadest sense, and at the same time mentor young researchers. Lundbeck Professorships result in DKK 20-40 million and run for six years with the possibility of extension. The application deadline is 31 January 2019 and the next opportunity to apply is not until two years from now. Read more here: https://www.lundbeckfonden.com/en/calling-all-professors/


Accommodation for visiting students

At the moment there is vacant housing, and termination is being considered, so if you have an international student coming, please remember to make him/her aware of this possibility: http://international.au.dk/life/locations/housing/auhousing/intern/aarhus/howtoapply/


Conference on memory

In collaboration with the Danish National Research Foundation and The Brain Prize, PROMEMO organizes an international conference on memory in Copenhagen in March 2019 - "Proteins and Circuits in Memory". Among the invited speakers is a Nobel Prize winner as well as several Brain Prize winners. Read more here: http://promemo.au.dk/pcim19/


Best regards


Thomas G. Jensen