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newsletter 85 May 2018

Dear All Please find latest news:

Moving plans 

We have send out plans for future location when the Skou building is ready (Mail from Anni Mandrup Høeg on 9/5), and we have started to arrange meetings for those to be co-located (meetings for each wing in the Skou building and meetings for anatomy, physiology and biophysics buildings). The relocations are important for the common functions (such as secretarial offices and technical personel), and we will as soon as possible decide on where to place them in the future.


Evacuation exercise Tuesday, June 12th

The Working Environment Organization has planned to conduct evacuation exercises on Tuesday, June 12, 2018. The evacuation exercises imply that the alarm is triggered (be aware, however, that there is no alarm in all buildings), after which all employees leave the building. There are instructions on how evacuation is carried out in all evacuation zones (typically on each floor). We encourage everyone to know the instructions before the exercises, including the role of Evacuation Manager and Coordinator. The exercises are noticed in advance, as we want everybody to participate and because it enables you to get to know how an evacuation takes place.

We would like to ask everyone to plan their work as far as possible to participate. Remember to inform your guests about the exercise. We have agreed on the date of the Education Administration, so that the exercises should not collide with exams, but it is not possible to find a day in June without teaching.

The exercises are for the employees, but as the alarms will also sound in the seminar facilities, teachers must prepare for a break in their teaching of approx. 15 minutes from the alarm sounds. The exercises are initiated and supervised by the working environment groups and employees from the Building Administration but it is important to emphasize that they only observe and in no way be responsible for evacuation. If, in our planning, we have overlooked planned activities that are incompatible with the exercises, we would like to hear from you soon. Write to secretary Ulla Als: uva@biomed.au.dk

The alarms will sound: Bartholin at. 9AM, in the Anatomy complex at. 10AM and in the building complexes in West (Biochemistry, Physiology and Biophysics) at. 11AM.

Ice cream will be purchased for all participants.


The AU Regatta - and associate problems

As a result of various measures taken, it is our impression that the AU Regatta proceeded without major problems for the department. However, as there may be experiences we have not yet heard of, we would like feedback from employees who have been bothered by the regatta sent to annimh@biomed.au.dk, so we can talk with the organizers on improvements to next year's event. Please indicate what problems have been with whether you have talked to the organizers about this - and what if that came out of it - and if you have any suggestions to solve the problem.


The new personal data regulation

Most employees at AU have personal data and thus have a shared responsibility in ensuring that AU can comply with the new data protection regulation. Several initiatives are under way to raise awareness of the new guidelines, and in the latest university newsletter, there is for example link to five tips for the new rules and a new e-learning course on the subject. The newsletter can be found here: http://www.au.dk/om/uni/universitetsledelsen/nyhedsbrevuniled/2018/16/

The five tips for managing personal information are:

1. Clean up in your mailbox

2. Clean up on network drives

3. Clean up your desktop on your computer

4. Clean up your physical desk

5. Clean up your mobile devices


Travel grants for VIP for inspiration in their educational activities

As part of the faculty's internationalization strategy, the department has allocated DKK 250,000 in 2018 to international trips for VIP, who travel to be inspired in their teaching activities. A motivated application and Budget should be sent to annimh@biomed.au.dk by 15. August 2018. The trips Should take place in 2018, although we know that it is a busy period for many.


Grants from the faculty to associate professors who do a special teaching effort

Grants consisting of DKK 100-200,000 can be applied. Application deadline: Monday 4 June at noon to the Dean, but before that date reccomendation from the Head of Department should be prepared. Thus suggestions should be sent to annimh@biomed.au.dk no later than 31.5.2018. See more here: http://health.medarbejdere.au.dk/#news-13040


Support for EU applications

Support can be sought for activities that support the preparation of applications for the H2020 and the establishment of new research networks targeted at H2020. In other words, funding can be sought, for example, to cover researchers' salaries, conference attendance, travel and networking activities at home and abroad, including visits to Brussels, and networking across Health and AU. The dean would like to see joint activities across departments and disciplines.

Applications should contain the following information (max 1 page per application):

1. Name of department head and contact details

2. Purpose and expected results

3. Activities and names of researchers for which the funds are intended

There is a continuous application deadline, but please note that the activities should be held and paid before 31 December 2018. ERC and Marie Curie activities cannot be applied for. There are budgeted with three grants of DKK 45,000 for Biomedicine. Contact the undersigned if you are interested.


Support from the Research Council for ERC applications

Danmarks Frie Forskningsfond (DFF) runs a support programme for preparing a resubmission of ERC starting- and consolidator-grant applications that have been rejected, yet ranked high by the commission. You can apply at DFF for 35.000kr/m max., and for up to 24 months, in order to improve your application and to resubmit it for the next evaluation round. Apply at DFF with a 3-page project description, copies of the original ERC-grant and its evaluation by the EC and a budget plan. There are three deadlines per year for this DFF-scheme: 1st of May, 31st of August and 16th of October. So, the next deadline is the 31st of Aug! Further information on application formalities are found in this guide: https://dff.dk/en/application/calls/dff-danish-erc-programme-may-2018.pdf


Fully funded PhD stipends

There were 12 proposals for PhD projects for the 4 projects the Department had the opportunity to propose (Mail from Anni Mandrup Høeg on 30. March). The undersigned has assisted by two Deputy Heads (the two who were not involved in proposals) and our FP leader Thomas Vorup-Jensen selected 4 projects. The selection was based on the announced criteria and an overall assessment of the project and the proposed supervisor.


Adjunct professors ("Honory professors") and guest professors

It is still possible to propose collaborators for appointment as adjunct professor. The Faculty has decided that proposals for one of the proposed 50 Skou adjunct professors must be submitted before October 2018, after which a decision will be made on who can being affiliated. Via the Research Foundation AUFF, funds for long-term visiting professors can also be sought (http://auff.au.dk/appropriations/auffs-gaesteforskerpulje/). The next application deadline is at the beginning of September.


VIP position with teaching in pharmacology

There has been advertised a tenure track VIP position. Application deadline: June 11th.


VIP position with teaching in physiology

A assistant professor position has been posted. Application deadline: June 20th.


Lundbeck Foundation International Neuroscience Program

More info: https://www.lundbeckfonden.com/wp-content/uploads/Lundbeckfonden_International_Neuroscience_Programme.pdf


Yours sincerely


Thomas G. Jensen