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Newsletter 84 from April 2018

Dear All Please find latest news

The annual regatta Friday, May 4

Again, there will be a regatta in the park, and in order to avoid problems, a number of measures will be taken:

1) Most possible access doors are locked, so only employees with access cards can come in. There will also be guards, so please bring your entrance cards and identification.

2) Signs on all doors are set for our buildings, which show that guests for the regatta have no access (neither students). In this regard, those who have contact with the student teachers are encouraged to insist that when they do not work on the regatta day, they must not use their access cards for our buildings.

3) All employees can call the guard at the event on a telephone number, which will be announced by mail later, if you need help for example to deal with unwanted guests.

4) The organizers will try to guide the guests away from our buildings (with extra toilets, better signs and use of barring tape).


In addition, the Building Services will put more fences up than before, and the rear entrance to Bartholin Building will be blocked from Thursday to Monday. There will generally be strong limited access to the University Park, which makes parking difficult and there will be no delivery / collection of packages, etc.


We do not expect the staff from the department to act as guards, and please avoid opening the doors. There will probably again be disturbances due to the regatta, but we hope the above actions can reduce them.


May 1st

On request, employees at the Department of Biomedicine can leave on 1st of May if the work permits. Leave on 1. May has to be agreed with the nearest leader.


Personel in the animal facility May 1st:

On 1st of May, the number of staff in the animal facilities will be limited. In the period at. 9-12 AM, however, it will be possible to contact people on duty. Contact information for these will be available at the entrances to the facilities on 1st of May.


The attitude towards "delaying" graduation at the request of students


Several teachers have asked what to do when a student wishes to postpone the grade for his or her bachelor assignment - if they have the Bachelor's thesis as the only subject on the last semester. In order to maintain SU in the summer semester between bachelor and candidate, teachers have been asked to wait to enter the grade late. The department's position is that the grades must be given according to the rules reported by the study administration.


Members of the party committee are sought


We are planning to initiate the Skou building with a huge party for all employees Friday 12. October. Please contact Viggo Nielsen if you want to help arrange the party. The annual Christmas party usually held in Stakladen in December is canceled this year - we consider that two big parties so close to each other would be too much.


There is a deadline for support for travel (VIP) and courses (TAP) on 1 June.


Minutes from the last meeting of the department's SU (LSU) on 5. March can be seen here:



Minutes of the last meeting of the academic council on 21. February can be seen here: 



Yours sincerely


Thomas G. Jensen