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Newsletter 79 for November 2017

Dear All Please find latest news


We are still working on the financial challenges, mainly due to the prospect of rising rent and decline in education income.


Construction processes

The best estimate is now that the Skou building is ready for us September 2018.


House meetings December 2017

House meetings will be held in December on the following dates:

December 5, 9 AM, 1160 and 1180 complexes, the coffee room in 1160

8th of December at 9 AM, Bartholin, Auditorium

December 13 at 9:30 AM in the 1170 complex, the coffee room

December 14th at 9:30 AM in the 1230 complex, the coffee room


Election to the work environment organization

Elections are held to the Working Environment Organization (AMO) according to this overall schedule:

December 6th-8th. January: Nomination period for candidates. Further information will be sent at the beginning of December.


Transfer of annuum

In order to limit changes in December, up to 5000 DKK can be transferred from 2017 to 2018.


Help with AURUS

If you need help with AURUS, please write to the address aurus@biomed.au.dk. In this way, the secretariat has the opportunity to distribute the tasks and ensure a smooth handling of cases.


Correct information in Pure

We have found that many employees have incomplete or outdated contact information in PURE. The PURE pages are often the first search result in Google when someone searches for an AU employee’s name, and it is therefore important both internally and externally that the information is complete. Furthermore, all employees at Aarhus University are required to ensure that their contact information is correct.

You have access to change your name in the system, but the rest of the contact information must be corrected by the personal data editor. This applies to: title, unit, address, email and (mobile) phone number.

You should therefore send any corrections or changes to your local secretariat. If your photo in PURE needs updating, you can make use of the regular opportunity for staff photography on the first Tuesday of every month: http://medarbejdere.au.dk/administration/kommunikation/foto/.


Remember the new employees

It is the nearest leaders responsibility to give new employees the best start at Aarhus University. You can get good advice and tips on how to do that on this page: http://biomed.medarbejdere.au.dk/en/hr-payroll-holidays-and-absence/new-employee/


Postdoc opportunities at Stanford


The NovoNordisk Foundation supports postdoc stays at Stanford, for candidates who are max 5 years after PhD. Application deadline: 6 February. See more here:



Aarhus University Jubilee Fund Educational Honors Prize 2018

Suggestions must be sent to the faculty secretariat (ha@au.dk) no later than 8 January 2018. Application max 5 pages, incl. motivation, CV and publication list.


Holst-Knudsens Science Prize

We are looking for candidates. The prize is divided into two parts of each 100,000 kroner:

• 100,000 kroner is awarded to a Danish researcher, preferably a researcher who works or has worked in connection with Aarhus University.

• DKK 100,000 is awarded to a researcher working at a foreign research institution, but graduated from Aarhus University.

 Suggestions must be sent to the faculty secretariat (ha@au.dk) no later than 8 January 2018.


PhD prizes

Applicants are seeked for a PhD award from the Aarhus University Research Fund. The fund will award 5 prizes each of 50,000 DKK in 2018. The prize will be awarded for outstanding PhD projects at Aarhus University. Those who can be considered are PhDs who have been awarded the PhD degree in 2017, and PhDs who have submitted in 2017 and are awarded the degree by 1 February 2018. Motivated suggestions should include: Name, contact details, date of entry, date of allocation of the degree, relevant activities (possibly referring to attached CV), references to student's published or accepted articles, presentations at international conferences (title and nature), including stay at foreign research institutions, and an assessment of the student's PhD program. Suggestions must be on a maximum of 5 A4 pages, including CV, publication list, etc. and in one PDF file. Proposals should be sent to Thomas G. Jensen before 26. January.


Travel grants to students

In connection with the annual celebration at AU, four recipients of a travel grant will be appointed 25,000 DKK from "Queen Margrethe II's Travel Fund for Students at Aarhus University". The candidates for the prize must be students at either bachelor or graduate level. Deadline 8. January.


Marie S Curie Master class

Invitations to next year's Marie S Curie Master class will be announced soon and there will be a chance to get to know the program on 18 December, where the the 20th anniversary of the program is celebrated with an event at AU on the occasion of that Aarhus is the European Capital of Culture this year. The invitation can be found here https://ufm.dk/en/newsroom/calendar/2017/msca-20th-anniversary




AIAS has posted AIAS-COFUND II Marie Curie fellowships. Application Deadline 24th January 2018. Further Information: www.aias.au.dk



Jens Christian Skou fellowships at AIAS for AU employees


More info: aias.au.dk/aias-fellowships/jens-christian-skou-fellowships/. Deadline February 2nd.


NNF Synergy program

Up to 15 million DKK can be applied for interdisciplinary research. Deadline 6. February. More info: See the fund's website.


NNF Challenge Program

You can apply up to 60 mio DKK. Themes in 2018: Protein Chemistry, Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis and Cellular Obesity Research. Application deadline 25. January. More info: See the fund's website.


The Innovation Fund: Improved health and clinical research

Deadline 20. February 2018. For info: Check the homepage.


Lundbeck Foundation Fellow (10 mio DKK)

Deadline 21. December 2017. For info: Check the homepage.


Minutes from last meeting in Department Forum held 21. September 2017



Minutes from the last meeting in the Liaison Committee (LSU)  held 28. September 2017



Yours sincerely


Thomas G. Jensen