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Newsletter 77 from September 2017

Dear All Please find the latest news

Department's economy

In the third quarter of 2017, the Department expects that the financial result for the year will be a small surplus (approximately 3 million DKK) that can be transferred to the coming years. The surplus is greater than budgeted, primarily due to postponement of the Skou building until 2018.


Reminder: Rector visits the department on 9. October at 9:30 - 11

The meeting will consist of a brief introduction from Rector, followed by dialogue on topics that the employees want to discuss. The meeting will be in the Bartholin Auditorium.


News on VIP appointments

There is a professorship announced in Medical Bacteriology. Prior to advertisement, a search committee has been working to ensure a larger application field. The application deadline is 26. November.



The number of scientific papers is one of the parameters for the Department's performance, and each paper has an influence on the basic research funding. Therefore, it is important that all papers are registered. We are aware that there is still a lack of registration of articles from 2016. We urge everyone to ensure that registration is timely.


Please consider once again whether you can use some of your grants

The Department still has trouble using the external grants as budgeted. It is fully understandable that due care is taken in the research groups, but the grants has to be used - for what they are applied for. In many cases, there are good reasons why consumption is slower than budgeted, but: Please consider whether there are grants that you can use for reasonable purposes - it will be good for the department.


Meeting for users of animal facilities


October 12th at 13-15 in the Richard Mortensen meeting room. Program: Welcome by Birgitte Kousholt. Systematic Review by Judith Van Luijk. Animal inspectorate by Leif Lund. Animal models for cancer by Mike Horsman. Registration: auws.au.dk/usermeeting2017


Christmas party

Will be held on December 8th in Stakladen. Further information will follow.


Travel Rules

Keep in mind that you may not use search engines or travel operators other than CWT when booking travel. However, you may buy airline tickets directly from the airline. More info: http://medarbejdere.au.dk/fileadmin/www.medarbejdere.au.dk/oekonomi_bygninger/Rejser/Rejseregler/AUs_Rejsepolitik_revideret_maj_2017.pdf


Entrance cards

From October 4th, you can only use your newest admission card, if you have more than one, to enter the AU's buildings. If the card does not work, you should have a new one. Read more here http://medarbejdere.au.dk/#news-11450


Introducing new employees

It is important to take good care of new staff at the department, and therefore we have made a website where you can get inspiration and information. It is the responsibility of the immediate leader to provide an introductory program for the new employees. The information can be found here: http://biomed.medarbejdere.au.dk/hr-loen-ferie-og-fravaer/ny-medarbejder-new-employee/

The photographer will visit the department

The university photographer visits the department and takes portrait photos of the staff, and you can still book. If your photo in PURE is in need of a replacement, now you must be quick. Thus you can get a new portrait photo - almost without leaving the office. See when the photographer comes past your building here: http://health.medarbejdere.au.dk/organisation/nyheder-og-arrangementer/medarbejderfotografering-paa-healths-institutter/

The deadline for registration for photography is three days before the event. Please fill up from one end to avoid gaps in the program.


Longer processing time when recruiting

HR is changing workflows in connection with the transition to a new handling and journal system. Until the system is fully, you will find that there will be extended processing times in HR. HR needs a minimum of one month's processing time when setting up appointments and extensions (for obtaining information sheets, wage negotiations and drawing up a certificate of employment) - this is also evident from the indicative processing times, which can be found here: here (located on the hjemmeside). This means that when you submit settings for appointments and extensions (via employee ID card) between the 1st and 14th of a month, employment can be made at the earliest on the 15th following month. And if you send the material between the 15th and the 31st of a month, you can not be employed before the 1st of the next month. Furthermore, The Agency for International Recruitment and Integration, SIRI, has, for a long period, received a higher number of applications for residence and work permits. Therefore, both we and your colleagues are experiencing a considerable length of processing time at SIRI. This applies especially to applications for extension of residence and work permits as well as applications from accompanying family members, where SIRI has announced that they first expect to be able to comply with their normal processing times in Q1 2018.


Inaugural lecture

Adjunct Professor of Translational Biomedicine Finn C. Wiberg holds inaugural lecture on Friday, September 29th at 2 PM in the Merete Barker Auditorium.


Academic council

Minutes of last meeting held on 31. August can be read here: Hent beslutninger (PDF)


Yours sincerely


Thomas G. Jensen