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Newsletter 74 April 2017

Dear All Please find the latest news

News on economy

Although the Departments budget for 2017 is in balance, both the faculty and the department's finances are under pressure in the longer term, partly due to fewer educational income (the department is particularly affected by lower tariffs on completion bonus) and partly due to increased rent of the buildings (see for example here: Http://health.medarbejdere.au.dk/#news-10734). We therefore notify a reduction in department paid technical assistance from 1 July 2018. The ceiling for lab tech assistance is therefore reduced from 1/7 2018 by 1.5 hours a week per permanent VIP, so that it will be 18.5 hours per week. Whether other initiatives will be taken to improve the economy are not yet known.


Less research year students

See the news here http://health.medarbejdere.au.dk/#news-10755


Invitation to participate in the biomedical seminars

Upcoming speakers:

June 6, 2017: Mai Marie Holm

August 15, 2017: Anders Børglum

September 5, 2017: Trine Mogensen

October 3, 2017: Ebbe Bødtkjer

November 2, 2017: Keisuke Yonehara

December 5, 2017: Agnete Larsen

The seminars will be held at 12 in the building 1171 local 347 (Biokemi Aud 6)


Professor Inaugural Lectures

Mie Brüel gives lecture on 2 June at 14 in the Bartholin Building, Building 1240 - 211

Trine Mogensen gives lecture on 9 June at. 14:30 at Bartholin Building, Auditorium 1, Building 1241 - Local 135


Evacuation exercises are held on 20 June

The Environment Organization has planned evacuation exercises on 20 June 2017. The exercises imply that the alarm is triggered (please be aware that there is no alarm in all buildings), after which all employees leave the building. There are instructions on how evacuation is carried out in all evacuation zones (typically on each floor). We invite everyone to know the instructions before the exercises, including the role of Evacuation Manager and Coordinator. We want the most possible participants, since it enables you to get acquainted with how an evacuation takes place. We would like to ask everyone to plan their work the day they can participate. We have agreed on the date with the Study Administration, so that the exercises should not collide with exams, but it is not possible to find a day in June without teaching. The exercises are for the employees, but as the alarms will also sound in the study halls, teachers must prepare for a break in their teaching of approx. 15 minutes from the alarm sounds. The exercises are initiated and supervised by the working environment groups and employees from Bygningsservice m.fl. But it is important to emphasize that they only observe and in no way be responsible for evacuation. If, in our planning, we have overlooked planned activities that are incompatible with the exercises, we would like to hear from you soon. Write to annimh@biomed.au.dk

The alarms sound: Bartholin at. 9, in the Anatomy complex at. 10 and in the building complexes in West (Biochemistry, Physiology and Biophysics) at. 11th


Virtual tours in the Skou building

See here: https://youtu.be/qqX-3EKV_ks

NB The best browser to view the video is Chrome.


AU Regatta 2017 - and resulting problems

As a result of the measures taken, it is our impression that the day went without major problems. However, as there may be experiences we have not yet heard of, we would like feedback from employees who have been bothered by the regatta sent to annimh@biomed.au.dk, so we can talk with the organizers on improvements to next year's event. Please indicate what problems may have happened and whether you have talked to the organizers about this - and what came out of it - and if you have any suggestions to solve the problem.


Next application deadline for VIP travels and TAP courses is 1 June

Application forms are available here:



Applications can be sent to: annimh@biomed.au.dk


Yours sincerely


Thomas G. Jensen