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Newsletter 72 March 2017

Dear All Please find the latest news:

House Meetings in April 2017

April 19th, at 13:00, Bartholin, Bartholin auditorium

April 21st . 9:30, 1230 complex, kollokvie room

April 25th at 9:30, 1170 complex, coffee room

April 27th, at9:39, 1160 and 1180  complexes, the coffee room


Important: MolMed courses

In connection with the establishment of new courses at the candiate part of the Molecular Medicine education (second semester) we are seeking teachers with interest in establishing new courses. The courses should start in January 2018 and have a size of 5 or 10 ECTS. The students have at that time all completed an undergraduate course where they have had a wide range of both medical and molecular biology courses. They have already had subjects such as anatomy, physiology, genetics, bioinformatics and immunology. At the master's program, the first semester has the subjects pathology, cancers, immune diseases and general medicine (with emphasis on cardiovascular disease and diabetes). Here we would like feedback from the groups that are interested in setting up an elective course (5-10 ECTS) and a brief description of the expected academic content. We will then return to you with more details. If you are interested in creating a new elective course, we would like to have a feedback as soon as possible to Malene Hvid: malene.hvid@biomed.au.dk.


Election to the Department Forum

From 18 to 19th May elections are held for the Department Forum. Up for election is Annette Thomsen (TAP), Inger Merete Paulsen (TAP), Steffen Thiel (VIP), Hanne Møller (VIP), Karthiga Thavachelvam (PhD), Niels Jørgen Christensen (Students). To run in the election please fill out the form on this page: http://biomed.medarbejdere.au.dk/valg-til-institutforum-2017/blanketter-og-dokumenter/ and send it to pless@biomed.au.dk no later than April 9.

As a member of the Department Forum at Biomedicine you get direct influence on the Institute's development and a great insight into the daily operations. Meetings are held four times a year and you can read more about the Department Forum here: http://biomed.medarbejdere.au.dk/organisation/


The regatta 28 April 2017 and the prevention of associated problems

There was again last year problems due to the AU Regatta and therefore we have been in contact with the organizers who have promised the following new initiatives:

- Extra toilet will be established in front of Biomedicine building in 1170 with hopes of protecting the nearby buildings. 

 - They have doubled the number of guards on the day so that they can better keep their own toilets running and possibly put guards available around vulnerable buildings.

We are investigating the possibility of engaging guards for the most vulnerable buildings for example in front of the 1170 complex. All employees must therefore be prepared to show their admission to such a guard.


In addition:

1) Most doors will be locked so that only employees with access cards to enter

2) There will be signs on all doors at our buildings, telling visitors to the regatta that they are not  permitted access (including students). In this context those who have contact with the student teachers are urged  to impress upon them that when on the Regatta day they are not working, they can not use their access cards to gain entry to our buildings.

3) All employees can call a guard at the event with a phone number that are announced by email later if you need help.

4) The organizers will try to lead the visitors away from our buildings (more toilets, better signage and possible, use of barrier tape)

We do not expect department staff to act as doormen but the recommendation is to avoid opening doors for guest to the regatta. 


News about the research year



New talent program




Unfortunately, there have again been intruders in the Bartholin Building and laptops were stolen from several floors. We suspect that the perpetrators are identical to the two people who at the end of the given working day slips into the building connection to an employee / student leaving the building. We strongly request that anyone with access to the Departments buildings avoids giving access to unauthorized guests. If unknown persons are outside the door when you go out, you can e.g. use a different door, or contact the guard / police. The latter option was actually what happened a few days after the described incident. Here unauthorized people tried to sneak in, but it was prevented when the person on his way to leave the building, called the police.


Gold medal reports


This call for proposals for cost assignments for the coming academic year. For inspiration, you can see the list of prize papers at AU 2017: studerende.au.dk. When submitting proposals must also be an option on deadline for each thesis, see. § 3, paragraph. 1 of "Rules for price tasks at Aarhus University". The deadline for submission of thesis is Monday. April 24, 2017 to mh@au.dk


Carlsberg prizes

Now proposals are invited for the Carlsberg Foundation Research Award in 2017 for a Scientific researcher. Check the Scientific Society website. Deadline April 20.


New online course in teaching

All teachers can now enroll in a new course in teaching and learning. The course is developed by the AU and can be made via Blackboard. You should expect to spend 7-8 hours on it during one week. The course is conducted in English. There is a limited number of slots and registration is on a first come first served basis. Read more and register here http://biomed.medarbejdere.au.dk/#news-10219


New grant database

Anyone can now gain access to an English owned database Research Professional, which allows multiplied search options. It can be accessed at https://www.researchprofessional.com/0/rr/home

Read more about the database here http://biomed.medarbejdere.au.dk/#news-10249


New gene therapy professor at the department

Thomas Corydon was March 1 employed as MSO professor of ocular gene therapy at the Department of Biomedicine and Department of Clinical Medicine. Details here: http://health.au.dk/#news-10127


Neuroscience Day 2. May

The Deadline for submitting an abstract for Neuroscience Day 2017 on 2 May is Thursday 30 March. Please send the completed Abstract Submission Form along with your abstract (as a Word file - Using the required format) two Susanne@dandrite.au.dk. Link to registration: Registration - Neuroscience Day 2017


Meeting on InnoBooster from Innovation Fund

Meting at AU Friday 31st March 2017, 10:30 to 11:30. More info:



FSE invites: ’Get a sneak peek of the Horizon 2020 Health programme for 2018 – 2020’

April 24th at 11 – 12.30.Presumable at the Bartholin Auditorium but look here for updates: 



Monday 8 May 2017, 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Preben Hornungstuen & Richard Mortensen room, Fredrik Nielsens Vej 2-4, bldg. 1,422th


Info meeting with Novo Nordisk Foundation

The meeting is held May 2 at 10-12 in AIAS auditorium.


Symposium and workshop on systematic reviews and meta-analyses of animal studies 6-7 april

More info:



Yours sincerely


Thomas G. Jensen