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Newsletter 68 November 2016

Dear all Please find the latest news.

New Deputy Head of Department from 1/12

Helle Prætorius takes on the function as Deputy Head of Department in charge of education from Ole Bækgaard. Due to a heavy workload Ole has decided to resign from the post. Ole is thanked for outstanding contribution to the management team and for with great success having built up the new teaching organization. We look forward to working with Helle, who has major research, teaching and organizational experience. Helle is furthermore Head of the Academic Council at the faculty.


What exactly is the strategy?

As announced in the newsletter from May in the management group we have the following goals:

A stable economy for the coming years, so there are possibilities to work without uncertainty

Planning of moving into the new building in such a way that the movement is effectively implemented and the new temporary framework used optimally in the interests of maintaining research and education - and this must include done through participation

Development of the teaching along with the teaching organization and the study boards, so that have the greatest possible influence on how our teaching might be changed

At the house meetings and in the department forum we have been discussing strategy.

It is important that everybody in short terms can articulate what are the goals for the department. We could put it this way:

Best possible biomedical research and research-based education

Such a broad objective is not enough, however, and we must also break the strategy down to much more specific goals. Thus in the coming meetings in the different foca we will further discuss strategy and goals.


Registration of applications

As announced earlier, research applications from the department should be registered in the system Reap. More info: http://health.medarbejdere.au.dk/forskerstoette/

In an interim period, we set the limit to 500,000 kr.

After several discussions in the Management group in the Faculty, we have chosen a lower limit at 100.000 kr. The reason is that we will in that way obtain a better overview of the applications from the department. We will in the The Faculty Management and in the Department of Management not use the information to check individual researchers, but as a management tool in line with many others. Furthermore only very few will have access to the data in ReAp.

At the Department of Clinical Medicine they will also use the limit of 100,000 kr.

Therefore: All applications exceeding 100,000 kr must therefore from now on is registered in Reap. If you are in doubt about how Reap used, please contact the Secretariat.


Proposal for a quality system of applications will be discussed in the Department forums

We now propose a quality system for all major applications from the department (exceeding 1 million kr). We will discuss the proposal in the forums in the department. We suggest:

All applications exceeding 1 million. kr must in good time before the application deadline (at least 1 week prior) pass the head of department for quality check.

The department head will then with the help of a part-time fundraiser make a quick screening of the application and assess whether there are grounds for improvement and assess what kind of feedback to the researcher is required. If it turns out that there is a need for a major review of the application and perhaps a revision, the head of department will together with the applicant agree on a procedure for how the application can be improved. This can, for example be done seeking advice from an experienced researcher who does not belong to the research group. To help with this may be used researchers from the entire faculty.

If the application is not sent to the head of department in good time before the deadline, there is a risk that the application cannot be send from the department, and in that case the funds may not be received by the department.


New VIP position at the department

Assistant Professor position in cell biology with teaching in cell biology and histology.

The announcement is being prepared.

The background is departure from the teaching team. 


MUS conversations

All permanent VIP have been to MUS conversations. It is now important to held the remaining MUS conversations with all other employees in the department. We will later register that the talks have been held.


Best Danish Research Result from 2016

Videnskab.dk calls for a research project that deserves special public recognition. Everyone can nominate researchers from all fields of research until 7. December. Proposals should contain a brief description of the research results, the scientific reference and a contact. More info: http://videnskab.dk/node/20618


Biomedicine participates in a new center for genome data

More info: http://health.au.dk/#news-9282


Transfer of annuum

We will automatic transfer up to 5,000 kr. unspent funds per VIP (also applies to PhD students with annuumkonto).


Støtte fra NovoNordisk fonden til Visiting Scholar Fellowships @ Stanford Bio-X  

Application deadline: 8/2-2017. More information: http://novonordiskfonden.dk/da/content/visiting-scholar-stipendier-ved-stanford-bio-x


Minutes from the Department SU held 3. October



Minutes from the department forum held on 3. October



Minutes from the Academic Council meeting on 22. September



Yours sincerely

Thomas G. Jensen