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Newsletter 67 October 2016

Dear All Please find latest news:


Inauguration of the dissection facilities Thursday, November 3 at 2 PM

On the occasion of the  new dissection facilities everyone from Biomedicine are invited to a reception Thursday 3. November at 2-4 PM. There will be the opportunity to participate in a tour of the new facilities. Registration is not required. Entrance is through the garage door to the basement.


Reception for Christian Aalkjær Wednesday 2/11 at 2PM

Christian Aalkjær has been awarded Lawyer Kaj Bunch-Jensen and Allis Bunch-Jensens Fund (DKK 125.000) for his research in hypertension. The prize will be awarded in the coffee room at Physiology Wednesday 2. November at 2 PM, and everybody from Biomedicine are invited. More info: http://health.au.dk/#news-9153


House Meetings held in November


1/11 13:30 Bartholin in the Auditorium

10/11. 9:30 Anatomy: Kolokvierum

15/11. 9:30 Biochemistry in the coffee room

23/11. 9:30 Physiology/biophysics in the physiology coffee room

There were previously released invitations to meetings.


New VIP positions at the department


MSO professorship in gross anatomy

Annemarie Brüel is employed in the position.


Assistant Professor position in immunology in the Tenure Track program

Application deadline is 30/11.


Associate Professor position in pharmacology

The announcement is being prepared.


The background for all the positions is that the teaching teams has decreased due to departures and decline in employment fractions.


Veterinarian and Ph.D. Jakob Harslund has been appointed new head of the animal facilities from December 1

A unanimous appointment committee consisting of representatives of both employees, users of the animal facilities and the management has decided to appoint Jakob Harslund as new head of the animal stables from December 1. Jacob is a veterinarian and has experience in both research and management. We look forward to working with him and hope everyone will welcome him.


News from the Department SU

The Department management have taken the initiative to develop local guidelines for alcohol consumption related to the work of the department. The guidelines have been at the last meeting and depending on the response to a revised draft that has been circulated, it may come to apply shortly. However, there will of course be informed thoroughly of this before the guidelines take effect. SU also discussed whether smoking on balconies should be banned. Preliminary recommendation is to all show respect. Next meeting of the SU will be held on 19. December.


News from the Department forum

Next meeting of the Department forum will be held on December 21 and here strategy will be discussed. The department forum started the discussion at the last meeting, which including discussion on whether in the future there is only room for large research groups or to focus on a mix of large and small groups.


Christmas Party 2016

Will be held: Friday, November 25 in Stakladen. This year's theme is the Wild West.


Lecture by Torben Clausen connection with publication of the book: The Na +, K + -pumps keep us going

The lecture will be: November 8th 15:15 to 16:00 in the coffee room in building 1163 (room 318)


The annual application deadline for The Competence Fund at AU is December 15th (but you may need to apply for funds from the department by December 1st to be eligible for funds from The Competence Fund )

The annual application deadline for the Competence Fund is December 15th. Read more here: http://medarbejdere.au.dk/en/administration/hr/organisational-learning-and-development/competencedevelopmentfunds/competencefund/

Remember that it is often a prerequisite to get funds from the Competence Fund that the Department will grant 50%. Therefore you may need to notice that the next deadline for applying for funds for courses from the Department is December 1. Read more here: http://biomed.medarbejdere.au.dk/en/hr/continuing-and-further-education/ You are also welcome to contact Anni Høeg at annimh@biomed.au.dk


Yours sincerely



Thomas G. Jensen