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Newsletter 65 from August 2016

Dear All at Biomedicine Hope you are still enjoying the good weather. Please find latest news:

New leader for the animal facilities

During the summer Ulla Dansberg resigned as head of the animal facilities, and we have initiated the process of finding a new leader. Until that is in place the three team leaders Lene Holm, Peter Åkær and Lone Dahl and the department veterinarian Frederik Dagnæs-Hansen will meet regularly with the management team to secure the operation.

The advertisement has just been published, and an appointment committee consisting of: Frederik Dagnæs-Hansen, Thomas G. Jensen, Ole Bækgaard, Birgitte Mønster Christensen, Lene Holm, Peter Åkær, Lone Dahl, Søren Paludan, Rikke Nielsen and Ebbe Bødtkjer has been formed. The plan is that there will be held interviews 15. of September.


Visit by Rector

Brian Bech Nielsen will visit the Department Wednesday, September 28 at. 14:00. There is allocated 1½ hours for the visit. The meeting will start with a brief introduction from Rector followed by dialogue. The meeting will take place in the Large Anatomy Auditorium.


Celebration (topping-out ceremony or “rejsegilde”) in the Skou building

On 25 August a celebration in the Skou-building was held, organized by the Danish Building Authority who are the owners of the project. From the Department we were only allowed invite about 50 employees since the celebration is primarily for tradesmen and other builders (about 200 were invited), and we chose to invite members of the Department's permanent committees: the Research Committee, Education Committee, Department forum, SU and the management team.


New funding opportunities from the Novo Nordisk Foundation

There are new opportunities in the "Tandem program" for translational research and "Clinical and basic biomedical research." Details on the funds website. Application deadline: September 22.


Novo Nordisk Foundation scholarships

The application deadline is September 21, 2016 at. 16:00. Check if necessary the website.


Course in EU applications in September

The Euro Center in the Agency for Research and Innovation will hold two application courses (in Danish) in Copenhagen and Odense. Registration:

Kursus: Den gode ansøgning til Horizon 2020, den 13. september 2016 kl. 9-16 i København

Kursus: Den gode ansøgning til Horizon 2020, den 20. september 2016 kl. 9-16 i Odense


News from the Department SU

Minutes from the last meeting 9. May can be seen here:



Next meeting will be held on 3 October. The members are: Bertha Beck (vice-chairman), Bettina Grumsen, Anne-Marie Bundsgaard, Claus Bülow Knudsen, Anne Flensburg, Esben Boel, Lene Holm, Emil Ernst, Steffen Junker, Peter Holm Nielsen, Thomas G. Jensen, Morten Schallburg Nielsen, Thomas Juhl Corydon, Per Höllsberg and Birgitte Mønster Christensen.


News from the Department forum

The last meeting was held on 10. May and the minutes can be seen here:


Next meeting of the Department forum is held on 5. October. The members are: Anette Thomsen, Anne Flensburg, Annette Gudmann Hansen, Dorte Hermansen, Inger Merete Paulsen, Jørgen Andresen, Marina Ramero-Ramos (vice-chairman), Lone Sunde, Steffen Thiel, Hanne Møller, Steen Vang Petersen, Jeppe Prætorius, Karthiga Thavachelvam, Niels Jørgen Christensen and Thomas G. Jensen.


Remember the travel rules

The department had on August 12 visit from Economy, who gace us feedback on the department's spending on eg driving reimbursements, hotel services, travel and meals - including compliance. This gives us the opportunity to remind all employees about the following:

• All bonuses earned through travels and hotels should go to work (for example airline and hotels with bonus programs)

• One must book travels directly by airlines, but not through search engines like Flybillet.dk or other travel agencies than CWT

• There must be specified occasion, participants and who they are, by allocating the cost of catering services

• The rules can also be found on the AU website. For travel and expense accounts, see: http://medarbejdere.au.dk/administration/oekonomi/rejsebestilling-og-udgiftsafregning/

Next application deadlines for funding for travel (VIP) and courses (TAP) is October 1

Regarding travels (VIP) - read more here: http://biomed.medarbejdere.au.dk/oekonomi-regnskab-indkoeb-rejser/rejseansoegninger-og-rejseafregning/

Regarding courses (TAP) - read more here: http://biomed.medarbejdere.au.dk/efteruddannelse-og-kompetenceudvikling/regler-for-stoette-til-tap-kurser/

Questions can be directed to Anni Mandrup Høeg on annimh@biomed.au.dk to which applications must also be sent.

Yours sincerely

Thomas G. Jensen