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Newsletter 101 November 2019

Dear all Please find the latest news:

Department day, 10 December

The program is on the way. Please note that the location is changed to 1232-115: Large Anatomical Auditorium. Due to the catering, please 'accept' the invitation if you are taking part.  


New department award – deadline Sunday

We are introducing a diversity Award for employees who, in an extraordinary way, contribute to the diversity of the department. The prize will be given on the department day, and you have until Sunday to recognize a colleague who deserves it. Read more and nominate via the website 2019 Biomedicine Diversity Award: https://biomed.medarbejdere.au.dk/en/organisation/diversity-award/


News about scientific positions at the Department

We received a total of 180 applications for the academic staff positions, which were advertised broadly in Biomedicine: 38 for the professorship, 52 for the associate professorship and 90 for the tenure track position. The applications will now be assessed. Shortlisting will be used. We hope to have job interviews in May next year.


News regarding large grants

As you may have seen, a number of researchers from the department have received large grants lately: This summer, Ina Schiessl received a 10 million NNF Hallas Møller grant, Joanna Kalucka and Lasse Sommer Kristensen have both received a 10 million Lundbeck fellow grant, Kathrin Weyer and Søren Degn have received Sapere Aude grants (DKK 6.2 million for Kathrin and 4.4 million for Søren), and most recently, Thomas Willnow from MDC Berlin has been given a 50 million NNF Laureate grant to come here. Thomas already starts 1/12.


Get together event for laboratory technicians and bioanalysts 

On 20 November, an entire day with academic presentations and social activities was organized for laboratory technicians and bioanalysts. An excellent event – high praise for the initiative and to those who planned it. We hope to be able to repeat the event. 


Report on the 2019 research output

As of 15 January 2020, all publications published in 2019 must be registered in Pure.

This is of MAJOR importance to the department. If needed, please get assistance at the secretariat.   

Transfer of annuum 

We are approaching the end of the year, and in this connection, I would like to remind you that, as a rule, you can transfer DKK 5,000 of your annual grant to 2020. 


Registration of SDD

Here is yet another friendly reminder to send a mail to Jeannette Madsen (jepe@biomed.au.dk), if you have not yet been or been invited to SDD in 2019. Alternatively, you can inform your union representative. 


Update of your Pure profile 

Is your Pure profile updated with photo, correct room and phone number? If this is not the case, we would like to kindly ask you to update your profile, so your colleagues, guests etc. can find their way to you. If needed, you can get help from the secretaries. Furthermore, I will like to ask ALL researchers to insert a link in your Pure profile to the research theme you are part of – and to add a few lines of prose text in English about your research area. Below is the link to instructions on how to add links and extra text follows: auinstallation30.cs.au.dk/fileadmin/www.health.au.dk/Medarbejdere.health.au.dk/Kommunikation_og_web/Saet_tekst_og_link_paa_din_PURE-profil.pdf


Important deadline for applications to the Novo-Nordisk Foundation

Hallas-Møller Emerging Investigator, Hallas-Møller Ascending Investigator and Distinguished Investigator: Deadline 8 January.


The Aarhus University Anniversary Foundation Research Communication Prize 2020

The prize is worth DKK 60,000 and is awarded to an AU employee in recognition of outstanding and ground-breaking communication of knowledge from the university to society. Deadline 18 December. All employees can nominate colleagues. Please use the electronic form:  https://health.medarbejdere.au.dk/forskerstoette/forskningspriser/formular-til-indstilling-af-kandidat/


Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II’s Travel Grant to students at Aarhus University

One female and one male candidate per department is nominated. Deadline 16 December. Contact me for more information.


Postdoc stipends for Stanford

Novo Nordisk Foundation offers four-year fellowships to go to Stanford Bio-X. If you are interested, you can sign up for a webinar at InnoX Health, where people from Stanford Bio-X talk about their stay, and you have the opportunity to ask questions. The webinar is held on 10 December at 17-18 at InnoX Health at Tangen 17, Aarhus N. Registration by email martin@innox.au.dk. Read more about the scholarship here.


GraphPad Prism Software

HE has made an agreement with GraphPad Prism software, which can be purchased in the IT webshop for DKK 375 per year.


Education Day at the Faculty 13 December 

The topics of the year are, among other things: Artificial intelligence, big data and the gender composition of the future, which is now two-thirds women on Health's degree programmes. Read more on the website Health’s Education Fair 2019 and sign up no later than 6 December: http://newsroom.au.dk/en/news/show/artikel/tilmeld-dig-aarets-uddannelsesdag-paa-health/


Bicycle racks in front of the Skou building

It is nice to see that many of you use the bicycle racks in front of the Skou building. But there are still a few who do not and we therefore encourage everyone to park at or in the racks instead of using the areas under the overhang or at the entrance/defibrillator. 


Minutes from the last meeting of the Faculty's liaison committee (FSU) on 7 October.


Minutes from the last meeting of the Department Forum on October 30.


Best regards

Thomas G. Jensen