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New Study on Expats in Denmark

Over the next few days, 4,000 expats will receive an invitation to participate in Expat Study 2014, the most comprehensive and in-depth survey to date of expat experiences in Denmark.

The study aims to investigate the drivers and key concerns of Denmark’s expat community, focusing on employment, social life, education and family life for this very important group of contributors to Danish society.

As a partner in the study, Aarhus University hopes to use the results to continue to improve services and support for our international academic staff. We ask you to help us by filling out the survey so that we can make your stay at Aarhus University even more rewarding.

The survey will be sent to a randomly selected group rather than to everyone in the expat community. It will be conducted by Statistics Denmark, who guarantee complete confidentiality for all contributions.

Who are the partners in Expat Study 2014?

The study is led by a partnership of key public agencies, universities, and representatives from the private sector. A report by Oxford Research, to be released in October, will give a complete picture of the many aspects of living and working in Denmark as an expat. It will cover not only family life and social life in a new culture, but also motivations for staying in Denmark. The report will be used to continue to improve the support offered to expats and their families, both upon arrival and during their stay in Denmark.

Why Expat Study 2014?

The study builds on the strong shared interest of all the partners involved in strengthening the possibilities open to expats both to pursue exciting career opportunities and to live rich social lives in Denmark.

Thank you very much for your participation.

Statistics Denmark (Danmarks Statistik), a state institution under the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Interior, has been collecting statistics about Danish society since 1850.

Statistics Denmark follows the United Nations' Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics as well as the Code of Practice for EU statistics. These codes of practice guarantee the neutrality of Statistics Denmark and the confidentiality of all replies.

 Oxford Research is a leading consultancy company in the field of expatriate life, both generally and in Denmark. Oxford Research has conducted several studies providing important knowledge about how expats perceive their professional and social lives in Denmark.

Oxford Research’s first Expat Study, conducted in 1998, was subsequently revised and updated in 2006 and 2010. The Expat Study 2014 is the most thorough study to date, adding valuable new insights to the support programmes and initiatives that assist the international community in Denmark.