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New studies administration systems – stay up-to-date

A new communication platform called ‘Den digitale studierejse på AU’ (The digital academic journey at AU) will help you get an overview of the digital changes in the studies administration area.

In the coming years until 2025, AU will implement 5 new systems:

  • A new timetabling system for classes and exams 
  • A new learning management system
  • A new system for digital exams
  • A replacement for STADS
  • A new system for international mobility

A new communication platform – “Den digitale studierejse på AU” – will serve as a unified entry point for the coordinated initiatives across the new systems. The goal is to give employees the opportunity to get an overview of and stay updated on the changes. AU Student Administration and Services is the coordinator of the information.

“We are entering a period that will be characterised by ongoing changes – both new technological solutions and the organisational implementations that follow. With this new communication platform, our aim is to make our common strategic objective clear and create understanding and transparency in relation to the ongoing process,” says Kurt Bøge, head of Educational Administrative Systems at AU Student Administration and Services Kurt Bøge.

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Stay up-to-date on "Den digitale studierejse på AU"

On Den digitale studierejse på AU you will find information about (in Danish only):

  • The overall vision guiding the switch to new systems
  • The overall schedule
  • How the projects are being coordinated
  • Information on the individual systems being implemented
  • What the changes will mean for students and for you as an employee

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For more information

Contact Kurt Bøge, head of Educational Administrative Systems, AU Student Administration and Services.