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New results presented at ESC congress in Barcelona

Morten Schmidt presented new results at the Young Investigator Award session at the European Society of Cardiology congress

New results showing a relation between the NSAID diclofenac and cardiovascular diseases have been presented at the annual congress of European Society of Cardiology (ESC), which is currently held in Barcelona. The results were presented by Morten Schmidt from Department of Clinical Epidemiology when he spoke at one of the ‘Young investigator Award’ sessions on Sunday.

In relation to the talk, the journal Dagens Medicin has made an interview with Morten, where he explains the study results. He points out that a relation between diclofenac and cardiovascular diseases has been shown before but that the method (emulated trial design) used in this study is new. It has made it possible to conduct a study very similar to a classic, randomized trial by using registry data. The study included 1.3 million new users of diclofenac and is thus the largest study of its kind. Morten stresses that the findings underline the ESC recommendation of not using diclofenac if there is an alternative.