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New publication from Marco Capogna's group in Nature Neuroscience

Emma Louth and Marco Capogna co-author the new publication entitled: "A community-based transcriptomics classification and nomenclature of neocortical cell types."

The figure shows distinctive GABAergic neuron types in layer 1 human cortex
Convergent physiological, anatomical and transcriptomic evidence for distinctive GABAergic neuron types in layer 1 human cortex.

This theoretical article led by Allen Institute for Brain Science Seattle scientists proposes a novel transcriptome-based taxonomy of cell types for the mammalian neocortex. The proposed approach is based on a probabilistic definition of cell types that incorporate data from different methodologies, developmental stages and species – including humans. This community-based taxonomy could serve as an example for cell type atlases not only for the brain but also for other parts of the body.

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