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New publication by Felipe Fredes

The article by Felipe Fredes et al. is entitled: "Ventro-dorsal Hippocampal Pathway Gates Novelty-Induced Contextual Memory Formation." It has been published in Current Biology.

In Brief

Novelty facilitates memory formation. Fredes et al. show that mossy cells in the ventral dentate gyrus detect environmental novelty. This information is conveyed to dorsal dentate granule cells and is necessary for novelty-induced contextual memory formation. Conversely, activating this pathway enhances contextual memory in a familiar environment.



  • Mossy cells in ventral hilus directly excite granule cells in dorsal hippocampus
  • Activity of ventral mossy cells positively correlates with environmental novelty.
  • Inhibiting ventral mossy cells disrupts novelty-induced contextual fear memory
  • Exciting ventral mossy cells enhances contextual memory in a familiar environment



Felipe Fredes, Maria Alejandra Silva, Peter Koppensteiner, Kenta Kobayashi, Maximilian Joesch, Ryuichi Shigemoto. 


ffredes@dandrite.au.dk (F.F.), ryuichi.shigemoto@ist.ac.at (R.S.)

The picture shows a graphical abstract.

You can find the article here